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MadtownWriterJune 20, 2012

I'm moving into a new house in a week, did the initial walk-through today, and it turns out that the house has been pre-wired for dual zone heating and air conditioning. The guy leading me on the walk-through said that it would be pretty easy to take my system from the single-zone/one thermostat set-up already in place to a dual zone set-up, but I was too chicken to ask how much of a process that would be.

Is this something that a rookie home-owner (me) could handle on his own, or should I have a pro come in and take care of the upgrade? If it's possible for me to take care of this, what equipment/purchases would I need to have on hand?

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This is not a DIY job. I suggest that you move in first and try your single zone for a few months, If your single zone AC works fine, then don't do it. Remember, 2 zone system tends to have more problems down the road.

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