Which HE top loader, specific questions?

gardenspudsFebruary 10, 2011

I have a 5-6 yr. old Bocsh Nexxt HE washer, in the house when we moved here, and I've never been thrilled with the machine.

I have posted here before, and you all have helped me figure out what cycles to use. I'm still not thrilled with my washer, but I like it better then when I wasn't using all the available cycles and options on the machine.

Which HE top loader do you all like? I have some specific needs because I'm a fiber artist. I haven't been able to use the front loader HE Bosch for any of my fiber projects, and I sorely miss my old top loader. None of the front loader HE machines will work because of the way they spin out items- only a top loader will work.

I'd like a machine with a rinse only cycle, has an onboard heater, and that can do a spin only cycle. I'd like to be able to spin wool items made with handspun yarn. I sadly learned that the spin cycle on my front loader creates too much agitation for handspun items. My old regular top loader did a beautiful job, I'm hoping one of the top loader HE models will work too.

Can the top loader HE machines be filled with water then have items added for a soak without agitation? Again, thinking wool, so I'd like to be able to add some water to the drum (doesn't need to be full, just enough to cover a few sweaters or shawls), add the wool items, let them soak with the machine off, then spin the water out.

One last question. I've had a problem with lingering odors in clothing in my Bosch HE machine. If I try washing clothing that has perfume or cologne on it, it seems to linger in the article of clothing for up to 3 or 4 washes. Same thing with other things, like suntan lotion.

This is despite using hot or temp boost cycle (there is one higher, but I don't want to use darks), oxyclean, Seventh Generation unscented liquid, and even adding a pre-soak and using heavily soiled options (I've tried other detergents, but don't like scent and it's hard to find an unscented detergent that doesn't have optical brighteners). I've watched the machine cycles and they seem okay. Is this lingering scent thing common to all HE machines? I never seemed to have this with my old Kenmore top loader machine.

Or, if I top loader HE machine won't do all I wish, can someone recommend a good regular top loader machine?

I keep putting off getting a new machine because ours isn't broken, but I complain about it so often to my husband that he finally said "just buy a new one". My search begins.



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The comment about fragrance lingering is interesting. I've had the same conversation with my friend.

We both worked in the fragrance industry for years ... she still wears fragrance and I don't.

She commented to me several times that she notices the fragrance still in her clothes after washing. She has the Miele W4802 with dryer. She said she never used to notice that with her old top loader (several years ago now).

I wonder why that is? I'm fairly confident FL machines are cleaning well but why are they not removing fragrance?

I'd be interested in any ones insight on that.

Sorry, I know very little about TL HE machines - good luck!

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