Silvercanadian and others--Electrolux Washer Update?

cj47_gwFebruary 15, 2012

Silvercanadian (and anyone else who might be reading this who has had their E'lux set for a few months or more), I remember reading that you bought your Electrolux washer back in July. You were posting positive things about it then, and I'm just wondering how it has worked out for you, whether there have been any problems with it and whether you still like it now, 6 months later.



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We took delivery the week after Christmas and we are still very happy. I've done every size and weight load without incident. We've run one cleaning cycle as the machine has a message that states that it needed to be done..we've had no issues with smells or strange behavior that made us think that we may have needed to run it. We do, having read what we have, dry the door and the rubber ring when we have completed using the machine for the day.

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Thanks, Kjente! I also heard back from one other happy user, on the original thread I'd posted about king sized bedding and the Electrolux.


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