Difference between these Carrier units?

cindywhitallJune 26, 2012

I have 2 quotes that are almost identical. One uses Carrier 59TP5A080E2120 and lists it as 96%, the other uses 59TP5A080E21**16 and lists is as performance 95. The first one has coil CNPVP4821A and the perf 95 uses CNPVP4821ATA. I just wondered if there was much, or any, difference in qulaity or performance and if there would be much price difference.

Also the condensor #'s are slightly different. One is 24ABC648C, 4 ton Carrier 16, and the other is Comfort 16 (1 Stage) Model # 24ABC648A**30

I just want to make sure I am comparing apples to apples....the numbers are all VERY close but slightly different.

The one I listed first in each set is from the company that is charging a little more, so I'm wondering if their selections cost more. I have confidence in both, but the first one has been very thorough and patient with me. I would like to use them, but budget may win out here. They are bigger, so I might be covering part of their advertising budget. Not sure if the Media Cabinet is included by #2 or how much extra that might be.

Still out there is the idea of calling the Trane/Rheem guy, but not sure if I want to start this with another company.

One more thing...is it normal that the installers clean the existing ductwork before install? I noticed one quote says "clean duct system". I wondered if that is "usually" included or if the second company would charge extra for it. Would it typically be the duct cleaning you see advertised all the time? Seems like a good idea in a 16 yr old house...

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I think the furnace and condensers models are the same, but to be sure you should get the AHRI number for the system match. You want the ATA version of the coil. This means it is tin plated and will last a long time.

Duct cleaning is normally not included. If you have been changing your filter regularly your ducts should not need any cleaing. I doubt the contractor will spend much time cleaning the duct work.

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