Ah ha! Miele debuts new 27 inch IntelliQ

livebetterFebruary 9, 2011

I'll get more info on this. I was told it was only cosmetic changes to the machines but they even have a new name for them and they appear to have new features. I'll see what I can find out ...

"Miele's IntelliQ is the appliance manufacturer's first new laundry pair to debut in four years.

The German-engineered washer and dryer both feature new technology, including PerfectBalance, AirStream Drying System, and Perfect Dose, which optimizes the amount of detergent used and fabric care results based on the size of the load and the level of soiling. A Sports Gear program specifically designed for the Canadian market is said to ensure "clean, fresh-smelling hockey equipment;" and can wash equipment like hockey pads, which Miele claims many other machines cannot do.

The laundry machine measures 27" to fit very large loads, which is a category that some manufacturers are getting out of. BSH Home Appliances Corp., for example, just announced earlier this week that it would be phasing out its 27" front-load laundry products by the end of this year, resulting in the closure of one of its three production lines in New Bern, NC. The reason cited by BSH is to focus its resources more on dishwashers and built-in cooking appliances in North America; and shift attention to the 24" laundry product category. The company plans to open a new Product Experience Centre in Toronto by early 2012 to feature its Bosch, Thermador, and Gaggenau luxury appliance lines.

But Miele says it is confident the 27" size will continue to perform well in the North American market.

"...We plan to reinforce our leadership position in Canada's premium 27" laundry segment," says Jan Heck, President, Miele (Canada) Ltd. "With Miele's 100 years of professional fabric care experience, we are confident in our ability to grow our presence in this category even further. This is why we believed very strongly in bringing the new Miele IntelliQ 27" washer and dryers series to Canada."

"We believe Canadians will continue to demand a premium 27" large capacity laundry system," reinforces Kelly Lam, Director of Marketing, Miele (Canada) Ltd.

The IntelliQ series will be on display at the Interior Design Show (IDS11) from January 27-30, 2011 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre in Toronto, ON."

Here is a link that might be useful: Miele debuts 27 inch IntelliQ laundry pair

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Great. I was planning on going to order the "old" models tomorrow. Now we have 4 days (if we want to take advantage of the 10yr warranty) to try and determine if it is worth waiting for the intelliQ models.

Any idea where we might be able to get more information?

Thanks for the update Livebetter.


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W-R, wow ... you decided to go for Miele eh? Good for you (for deciding). I guess you convinced your significant other.

I am heading to the Miele Gallery today and I have a call into my sales guy who attended IDS. I'll post any info I get later today. I've been to the Gallery before so I'll be surprised if they tell me anything of value. My sales guy will probably have more to say.

I knew I should have gone to IDS - too lazy ;)

I was almost ready to commit to the Miele too but, of course, a new twist.

I am quite surprised Canada would be getting a new product before the US - most always the other way around.

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What's this about Bosch dropping its 27"w laundry machines? I haven't seen any evidence they were any such plans (even though their 24"w machines are generally better).

I guess the U.S. version of the new Mieles will have a football setting instead of hockey?

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lee676, I posted about the Bosch a little while ago (see link).

I don't know much about football equipment but have you smelled hockey equipment? Pee Yeew!! I know friends who won't even allow hockey bags in the house.

Is this a "gimmick" setting for Canadians? It's definitely driven by Marketing that's for sure.

Here is a link that might be useful: Bosch to terminate 27 inch laundry

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Doesn't Miele have this 10 year extended warranty promotion come up from time to time.

our Maytags are about 16 years old and the washer makes some noise once in a while, but I am looking at the Miele (we like our Miele dishwasher) washer (and dryer, if it is complaining).

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W-R, this is what I found out.

Functionally speaking not much is changing. These new IntelliQ units will replace the current W4XXX/T9XXX ones.

The two main changes are:

1. The machine will self dose liquid detergent. It has a separate container you can place anywhere around the machine. The machine senses your load size and you tell it the soil level and it does the rest. This feature means nothing to me as I change detergent so often I wouldn't use it.

2. They are adding an additional washing cycle for "sports gear". They told me you could probably achieve similar results using the hand wash cycle on the W4842. I don't wash hockey gear so also not important to me.

The other changes are all mainly aesthetic. The door will be chrome; the control panel will be black with silver buttons.

Some cycle names are changing but will function exactly the same as the current W4XXX/T9XXX models.

For example, "Heavy Soil" is now going back to "Prewash" (can I hear an "amen" from all you Miele owners). The 45 min warm will be called "45 min dry" / the 20 min cold will be called "fluff".

What are you going to do?

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Great! And I mean it in the positive this time. Thanks for the update.

Based upon this news I will order the 4842 and 98xx this week. Can't see any of the changes worth missing out on the 10 yr warranty.

My wife ruled out the LG last week, I hadn't but I realize that I was holding out solely based upon price. The LG bearing failure thread that has reappeared convinced me that spending waaayyy too much money on the Miele was the way to go.

Which way are you leaning?

Thanks for all the help and I will post again when the machines are delivered (probably at the end of March).


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Woot Livebetter! You've earned your Jr. Detective Badge. Excellent sleuthing.

Also good that you've learned that what you thought you were waiting for, wasn't it, and the features don't really mean that much for you.

Soooooo, the 24K question remains: Whatcha gonna do? Huh?

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W-R, I think we need to buy the machines that we truly like (and can afford of course). I think buying something out of fear is not right. I've come to that conclusion.

Put in perspective that LG (and others like Samsung, Whirlpool) sell WAY more units than Miele. Considering a failure rate of 5%, of course there would be more LGs that fail ... there are way more of them out there.

FWIW, Consumer Reports rates the LGs as the least repair prone.

Granted, if you believe the Miele Marketing - service should be outstanding if you do encounter a problem. I've read that your washing machine is one of the most reliable appliances in your home - if that's true - service is unlikely.

Although, the personality of the person I spoke with today at Miele was a little "off putting". She was quite abrasive and abrupt (actually talking over me half the time) - scary for a company focused on customer service. Almost as scary as, "the dryer is available - no it's not - yes it is - no it's not" debacle.

I know several people in multi million dollar homes who have Viking/Wolf ranges/ovens, Sub Zero fridges, Miele dishwasher and LG Steam in their laundry. Go figure. They could afford the Miele but they love their LGs. One has Maytags and loves them. They've all had them for several years with no issues.

I decided yesterday that I have to buy what I truly like and ignore the rest. Go with your gut and hope for the best either way.

The other point to consider is if you truly want to own them for 20 years or will you want to get newer technology in 10 years? For the cost of the LGs you could do that.

FYI, there is a new LG in the US - it will get here eventually. It is 4.5 cu ft but has similar features to the WM3885.

I tried to connect with my sales guy today but no go. Guess we'll have to see what I do tomorrow :)

Here is a link that might be useful: LG WM3360

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Ok ... I did it ... I ordered the Miele W4842/T9822.

I told myself to pick and do it and move on. No second guessing (gosh I hope not).

Delivery this Saturday - not sure if install will be Saturday or Monday.

I feel nauseous ... :)

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Congratulations, I hope you'll enjoy them after all the mental pain :)

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C O N G R A T S !! You must be so relieved to have finally made your decision.

Happy laundering. Will look forward to hearing your evaluations. That's a REALLY fast turn around on delivery, too.

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livebetter....I am so happy & relieved!!! :)

Trust me, you will love your Mieles! I have 9 Miele appliances in my house (I actually do not even own a non-Miele household appliance). I have had Miele in every home I have owned since the early 1990's. Congrats!!!

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Amen on the "pre wash"

Auto Dose would be cool if it was built into the machine. I don't really want this extra thing floating around on top of my machine.I do like the technology however, all for it.

Still waiting for my "Miele at Home" iPhone App that only the Germans currently enjoy. Just looking for more functionality to the remote vision system.

All that said, These machine are great, Mile FTW!

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Congratulations! One question, did you purchase the pedestals? Those are the aspect my wife and I wished we had purchased. Since the washer is almost three-hundred pounds, I hesitate to purchase them at this point and try a self-install.

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Unless this new IntelliQ offers higher capacity and a true H-axis design, there is no reason to upgrade from the W48XX series.

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Good point, sshrivastava. Might be good biz for Miele if competitors leave a hole in the market, but overall this machine sounds super lame.

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Thanks everyone - I knew you'd all be pleased when it was finally over ;)

Larsi, you made me LOL!

Yes I did order the pedestals - expensive just like the rest of it. However, they are built really well. They showed me how the pedestal has a built in support column for the washer/dryer feet. Unlike other brands where the machine rests right on the drawer (does that make sense?).

I had to put off delivery until Tuesday with installation now scheduled for Wednesday.

Today I am hyperventilating and pondering cancelling the order (shocking I know). I watched some great LG videos today and they got me questioning again.

So painful to be me :)

Here is a link that might be useful: LG - 6 motion technnology

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@ Livebetter: Stop Watching! Relax. Go do something non laundry related, LOL.

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Does anyone know the new model codes for the Miele washer and dryer?

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covingtoncat, I know you're right but it's like a sickness ;)

mr wash, when I spoke with Miele she was referring to them as IntelliQ2 and IntelliQ3 (I think). She said they are replacing the W4XXX/T9XXX codes.

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Mr Wash, according to what I heard, the model numbers will remain the same. In any case it's more of a wait and see type of thing.

I really think that the new models have merely cosmetic improvements with the front chrome door and a colored face plate. All the other new features are software IMO and if Miele wanted they could upgrade the previous model to the new wash programs.

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DO NOT Cancel and go LG. The Miele reversing tumble dryer will make your clothes and sheets look and feel pressed. No other dryer, including the Electrolux or GE Profile reverse tumbles like the Miele.

IMO, you'd be a fool to cancel a Miele order and go LG. The Miele is the best built and best performing washer!

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Larsi, are you saying that there are no other dryers available that reverse-tumble, or that others do but Miele's reverse method or tumble pattern is different/superior to them?

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I had & tried the Electrolux Wave Touch, that features "Perfect Tumble". The problem is that the drum tumbles one way, until the last 7-9 minutes & then starts reverse tumbling...by this time clothes and sheets can ball up and get all tangled & wrinkled. The Miele reverse tumbles from the very beginning of the cycle, so clothes & ESPECIALLY sheets never get a chance to ball up and get tangled & wrinkled. I love my W4842 Miele washer, but if I had to choose either a Miele Washer or a Miele dryer...I would choose the Miele dryer. Phenomenal!!

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You're apparently not aware of Fisher & Paykel's SmartLoad & AeroSmart topload dryers, which reverse tumble throughout the cycle -- 4.5 mins forward, 40 seconds reverse from start to finish. The 24-hr anti-wrinkle function tumbles for 30 seconds every 5 mins, reversing each time. I've owned one for 6+ years, works very well. :-)

What's Miele's tumble pattern?

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mihai914, not sure the self dosing could be incorporated into old units. When I spoke with Miele directly she told me the new names were IntelliQ2 (W4802) and IntelliQ3 (W4842) (I think those numbers are right) and that they would definitely replace current codes (not sure about dryer names).

She made a somewhat "snarky" comment that it wouldn't make sense to have all these options around so when the current stock of W4XXX and T9XXX are gone the new machines will take their place.

I find these new units a mystery ... to make a big deal about them being the first new units in 4 years when they really are not that new is interesting. I'm not sure I even like the idea of black and silver.

Larsi, you are sooo comical. I convinced myself last night to "stay the course" and let the Mieles arrive. Yikes!s Excited and nauseous at the same time ;)

I know nothing about reverse tumble dryers. I currently only have sheets ball up. My mom gave me the advice of drying the fitted sheet alone and it works.

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Livebetter - I was hoping to come on today and see a review, but now that won't happen until later in the week. I'm glad you've stayed the course.

Larsi - I had a true reverse tumble in my Danby that worked very well. My new Bosch does not have it, but I did sheets and jeans and none are tangling or balling up. Not sure why, but as long as it's working I'm happy. And the clothes come out so nice, only the very best dress shirts that have to be pressed, need just a touch up. The rest are now truly wash and wear.

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dadoes...I was not aware the the F&P reverse tumbled. Aren't these the machines, where you cannot see the wash or dry loads...solid doors, or the units where you load from the top? Glad your units reverse tumble...it is the most important aspect of a dryer!

LIVEBETTER...you will LOVE that the Miele dryer reverse tumbles. From the beginning of the cycle, until the end with the cool down...the dryer will tumble in, well..reverse directions :) Clothes and especially sheets will NEVER get a chance to ball or tangle. It's SO amazing!!!!!

Do not feel nauseous! Miele is the oldest washing machine manufacturer in the world....their research, design, build quality is top notch. Just be excited...NO throwing up, ok? :) I am SO excited for you!!!!!

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I don't find that my Miele dryer makes my clothes feel like they are "pressed" or anything remotely similar. The reversing pattern helps prevent large items from balling-up, but that's about it. If you pack your W48XX full of mixed clothes, some of those items (especially shirts and pants) will still come out of the dryer wrinkled.

@livebetter... If I had to do it over again with these Mieles, I would not buy the pedestals. Unlike Bosch and other brands, the Miele pedestal drawers are very short vertically. That makes them absolutely useless to store liquid detergent bottles and most boxes of laundry detergent - you won't be able to close the drawer. Despite the bolts, the pedestals will still magnify vibrations and you'll find your units vibrating more than if they were on a more solid footing. If I were you, I would cancel the drawers. I can't store anything in them.

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sshrivastava, I contemplated the pedestals since they do add $700. I figure just for ease of loading / unloading the extra height would help - no? I have a large laundry so storage is not an issue.

What I planned to do (as my machines will be reversed per my set up) is use them for a laundry basket. I will place my basket on the open pedestal and unload then move over and load the dryer ... although ... I guess I could do that on the floor ... ah!! They will load these on a truck end of day today.

They are going in my basement laundry (tile over concrete) so vibration shouldn't be a problem - I think??

Do you have advice on "packing" the washer properly to avoid wrinkles?

If you had to do it over again - would you buy these Mieles?

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@livebetter... If I had to do it over again, I would have taken a closer look at the Bosch Vision units. They look fantastic on paper, have a true H-axis design, larger 4.5 cuft drum, high-CFM dryer like Miele, and a true profile wash at the touch of a button. The Vision also heats to 170F, higher than the Miele. Larsi said the quality of the plastics and switches didn't seem so good, and I suppose I would have been in the same boat as a lot of people - go with the machine with all the bells & whistles, but risk longevity, or go with the product that is claimed to have much higher quality.

Now that Bosch has announced the discontinuation of the Vision series and an exit from the 27" market, service and long-term support for the machines may be lacking. If I had opted for the Bosch, I would have regretted my decision once I found out about the discontinuation.

You made a great choice - I love my Miele set. Don't second guess your decision. Just enjoy what you have. The pedestals will certainly make the units easier to load in terms of height, and they do make a nice base for a laundry basket. These are great, well built machines that will give you many, many years of laundering bliss!

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sshrivastava, it's a really hard category. Although, I've come to realize all appliances fall into this. There is "high end" and everyone else. No one seems to fill a niche below high end but above everything else.

I REALLY wanted Bosch to be that brand. I looked at those machines 8 times. No offence to anyone who has them but personally I felt the finishes missed the boat. Because the plastics and the control did not feel solid - they worried me. The appliance guy I deal with didn't want me to look at them - he said if not Miele than Samsung or LG.

I find the Whirlpool/Maytags feel similar (cheaper) but LG really does feel solid compared to the rest. However, what's below the surface is worrisome (maybe unjustly??).

In the end, I picked Miele because it felt the most solid and dependable. I guess time will tell. There are features about the Miele's that worry me a little too so I'm hoping they don't disappoint. Capacity is one but too large capacity worries me too. I was told (FWIW) that Miele feels the 4.0 cu ft drum is perfect for a good tumble ... ok?

I'll be jealous of bigdogmom and her dryer with steam ;) Everyone will be steaming everything all around me LOL ...

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Hmmmm, good tumble ..... steamy ..... Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

How this for romance: For Valentine's Day my husband and I are replacing our septic tank drain field!

See Livebetter, it could be worse - LOL

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@livebetter... I've wished that my Miele were both smaller and larger, depending on the situation. On the one hand it's so large that I feel guilty doing small loads, but on the other hand it's not large enough to fit my king sized down comforter. Well I did smash the comforter into the machine once, but it was obviously over-filled and I won't be doing that again. Perhaps 4.0 cuft may be the ideal size if you average a bunch of results, but every individual's needs are different. If I needed to wash comforters on a regular basis, the capacity would be clearly lacking.

Thankfully the vast majority of my loads are towels, clothing and occasional pet bedding. It can handle a lot of clothes, and you can easily wash a full set of king sized sheets and duvet covers with room to spare.

One area where Miele can definitely improve is in the size of the washer opening. I think it's one of the smallest openings out there on a machine of this capacity.

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sshrivastava, now you see ... information like this worries me. I really contemplated the larger LG drum for larger items (and I am concerned about Miele's capacity).

How people make those small units work amazes me.

I wouldn't feel guilty about smaller loads - although I know what you mean. For the most part the machine is geared to use fewer resources for smaller loads.

I ended up rationalizing that for the amount of time you need to run a large load it just does not warrant a huge capacity drum. Now if I had 4 or 5 kids maybe. But would it hurt to have a larger drum than needed most of the time. Nice to have when you do need/want it.

Miele called - my small 4.0 cu ft unit is on the truck. Will be here sometime tomorrow between 4 and 7.

So long 4.8 cu ft LG drum (with widest opening on the market) ... so long ... ah!!

Happy Valentine's All! Oooo, covingtoncat ... so romantic ;)

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@livebetter... I think the issues I present are not deal breakers for most people - they weren't for me. There is no "perfect" product, every model presents some compromise of either features or quality. After playing with a few machines at the local Home Depot, I was even more thrilled with my decision to go Miele. Samsung's plastic parts broke in my hands as I was trying to use the machine, and Maytag felt even worse.

For me the Miele 4.0 cuft represents almost double the capacity I had previously with my Asko. At the time the Miele W48XX series was first announced a few years ago I don't think there were many machines that were larger than 4.0 cuft anyway. I also don't trust LG. They have their hands in everything - LCD TVs, cell phones, appliances. Jack of all trades yet master of none.

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Sounds similar to the Supertronic which has recently been released over the pond here in Europe :-)


Here is a link that might be useful: Miele Supertronic

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If the updated models have the SUPERTRONIC interface, I'll order a set in a heartbeat.


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"If the updated models have the SUPERTRONIC interface, I'll order a set in a heartbeat. "

And if you do, I expect to see a picture of you loading it in your dinner suit :-)


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Livebetter - I am sure you will be thrilled w/your new Miele's at least I hope so. So far I am thrilled w/my Bosch set. If I could have stacked the Miele's, I probably would have gone that route, however, I could not manage the price plus redoing a just done laundry to make them fit. It's interesting between the different appliance people and what they think of Samsung. My guy wants to dump them as soon as the contract is up do to the many, many repair calls. Yours recommended them. I find that interesting. Also, the delivery personal we had did an excellent job. One of them also owns the Bosch Vision series and he loves his as well. So that's 2 people from the same store both raving about what I just bought.

I'm not overly concerned that Bosch is getting out of the 27" laundry set. Did concern me for a minute, however, my 7 yo dishwasher model I don't think is produced anymore, but they continue to use basically the same parts and well, it just hasn't needed serviced. I'm hoping I find the same for my washer.

I love having the bigger drum. I believe mine is 4.3, coming from my approx 1.6 euro style Danby, it's like a cavern. I have yet to over fill it, but it's cut my laundry time in approx 1/2. I hope to see my water bill go down as well. I can't tell you the difference in how much each is using. Bosch claims 13 gals for an entire load, not sure what the Danby used, it doesn't say in the book, but if I've got to run 3 loads in there compared to 1 in the Bosch, I have to be saving something. All that said, I think you will find the 4.0 to be a good size. I have not tried my Q comforter yet, so I will let you know when I do.

As for the steam in the dryer. I can't see myself using it very much. As I said, most items come up virtually wrinkle free to start with. We don't wear many dress shirts here, so I won't need it for that either. I will do some sweaters, but the heat it uses worries me for some things. I guess what I will have to do, is let a load dry, let it sit so it will wrinkle and then try the steam function to see if I can get it back to just been dried. So I would not worry about not having it.

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I replaced a GE front loader with the Miele set. It seems that I cannot fit as many things in the Miele, but I love to do laundry in it. For the first time in my life, I am almost always caught up with laundry. LOL My plumber calls my washing machine a Ferrari. LOL The water was overflowing the 2 inch pipe, so he had to make something special so that I wouldn't have water overflowing when I washed something in delicate that used a lot of water.

I am not as in love with the dryer. I think that in the beginning, I overdried everything and shrunk a bunch of clothing. Now, I run almost everything on Normal/Gentle and hope that I don't shrink anything else. Diapers still take a long time to dry. I do a cycle on Normal/Turbo and then put it on 45 minute for the rest until they are dry. That doesn't usually take 45 minutes. I wish there were a 15 minute dry.

The washer is not as big as my 8 yo GE was, but I can still get a lot of things in it. My king quilt is about as big as I would go.


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I really doubt the Miele, or any other washer made for home use, would overflow a properly installed 2" standpipe. The Miele installation instructions require only a 1.5" standpipe, in fact. It sounds like the plumber fixed a defect in the plumbing, but is blaming the machine for some reason (Jealousy? To make you appreciate him more? To deflect blame, if he installed the drain in the first place?).

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I don't know. He (the plumber) was quite surprised that the 2 inch pipe didn't handle the water. He also said that a 1.5 inch pipe should do it and that the 2 inch should have been fine. Regardless, it's fixed, and doesn't overflow. I don't know how to add pics, or I would.

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Any info about their availability? We are planning on an end of March date purchase because our 4 year old Bosch Nexxt washer is failing. At any rate would it be best to wait? Thoughts? We get one chance at this purchase.

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matt.shaver, my info is Canadian. Not sure when these would be available in the US. I was told second quarter (which would be June) here. I suggest you contact Miele USA and see what they say.

I received the W4842/T9822 last week and really like them. I don't think the features of the new units warrant waiting for them but if you have the time to wait then no biggie.

At this point, I'm not sure if they will cost more. I purchased mine with a free upgraded 10 year warranty so very good indeed.

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