HVAC Condenser fan motor wiring

BigMoUndoneJune 9, 2012

I've searched the internet far and wide and have yet to come up with a final working answer. Now I turn to posting for myself!

It worked great until this week (TX summer!) so I did some research, a little troubleshooting, and figured out it was a broken motor. Replaced it along with a new cap (of appropriate specs). The old motor's 3 wires didn't match the new motor's 5 wires. (well, really it has 9 wires, but 4 connect to each other at the base of the motor for spin direction).

Old motor is a 3 wire (red, black, brown)

The power from the house is connected to the contactor in L1 (white) and L2 (black)

The control panel controls are attached appropriately.

The old set up (when I opened up the panel for the first time):

black from the motor to the black of the power in L2.

brown to dual cap fan

red to dual cap common and L2

I read diagram online and hooked everything up to the best of what I understood and the fan came on right away and worked all night. But a few hours into morning it slowed down enough I could watch the individual blades turn (quickly, but still could follow them). I followed all the wires, no breaks, and I reconnected everything a little more securely, so I don't think that's the problem. But now the fan doesn't come on at all.

So now I would like to know how to set up my new 5 wire fan to my new dual cap.

New motor is 5 wire (brown, brown/white, black, yellow, green/yellow)

The green is the ground and is currently attached to the body of the HVAC unit.

Thank you in advance for anyone with any thoughts/ideas/input!!

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Update: when enough time has passed to cool the unit down, I can start it back up and the fan turns like normal, but will once again slow down after a few hours.

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"I can start it back up and the fan turns like normal, but will once again slow down after a few hours."

Sounds like it is overloaded and heating up.

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Is it rotating the right direction? Is it the right voltage. You see this is what you get when you do your own work. Being cheap rarely pays off.

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Brown and Brown with the white stripe go to the capacitor. Black and Yellow are your L1 and L2. All of this is printed on the diagram on your motor. Every single motor has a sticker on the side of it showing the specifications of the motor and the wiring diagram. It's impossible to know for sure since we are not physically at your location, but your symptoms indicate and improperly wired motor and or undersized/weak capacitor.

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Also are you sure you positioned the fan blade in the proper location on the new fan. Are you properly moving air through the condenser?

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Diy = disaster

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"Diy = disaster "

I like that..... anyways you could have the wrong capacitor, have it wired up wrong, have the wrong volt or horepower motor. you haven't give us enough info to even try to help. I saw nowhere in your post how YOU wired the new motor

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