Snuggle Free Clear Fabric Softener is great!

larsi_gwFebruary 9, 2012

Each time I open my laundry room cabinets, I curse P & G for changing and ruining my beloved Classic April Fresh Downy Softener. I've been "making" my own, by mixing Downy unscented softener with their god awful, what they call "April Fresh" with scent pearls. This combo, almost smells like the classic scent, but after clothes, towels and sheets sit for a while, they all have a horrible, sour smell. Yuck!

I'm on my 2nd bottle of Snuggle Free Clear softener, and it works so great! I use it with my Tide Total Care he liquid and also my Tide with a touch of Downy he liquid!

A BIG bonus...when I use the Snugggle Free Clear softener with the Tide with a touch of clothes almost, just almost smell like the Classic April Fresh scent. It's amazing, but the best thing is that a little bit of Snuggle makes my clothes so soft, and there is no gunk in my softener compartment in the washer. Great find!!

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Hey larsi

I'll have to try it. I discovered not long ago that if I dilute my fab softener with water or white vinegar then put it in the fab dispenser, there is never any gunk build up in the dispenser. It stays clean. it only took me 6 and a half years to figure that out! LOL

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I have the Downy Free one - it is quite thin (not quite as thin as Miele's but thinner than I remember FS being).

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@ mark40511....I started diluting my FS with water about a year or so ago too. It makes a HUGE difference in gunk build up in the FS compartment and the plastic siphon valve. I do, once a week, clean my entire tray with hot water and a brush (and then let the tray air dry before putting it back). Actually, when not in use, I ALWAYS leave the washer door ajar, and most of the times, I just keep the tray out (either let it rest in the sink, or lay it on top of the washer).

@livebetter...I used to used the Downy Free Softener, but honestly this Snuggle Free Clear is thinner, yet a small amount softens better. I also find it to smell less unscented than the Downy one (if that makes sense!). Unless P & G brings back the original classic April Fresh, then Downy lost a more than 20 year customer! Love this Snuggle FS!!

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larsi, I don't know if you have an Aldi near you, but their generic "Spring Fresh" fabric softener actually smells pretty darn close to the classic Downy April Fresh scent. You probably won't mistake one for the other, but it's an 80% to 85% accurate reproduction (as far as what my nose can detect).

I cannot comment on its effectiveness, however, just the scent.

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You don't need to use Snuggle to have good results with softeners. unscented Downy, when properly diluted works just fine.

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Of course you are correct, but some people like a scent in their clean laundry. On the other hand, some do not.

Neither is right. Neither is wrong. Vive la diffrence!

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Just in case anyone is remotely curious; here is what I use:

Tide HE Free & Clear Liquid

Reg. Clorox (Non HE, i.e. not thick like HE version) for whites only.

Downy Free & Sensitive

I use the recommended amount of each product and get excellent results with no residue/buildup of any kind

Machine is: Electrolux IQ Touch

P.S. If whites become slightly yellowed; then I add the additional rinse cycle and use Tide Professional Whiteness Enhancer (Used by many hotels for xtra white linens)

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Did not have at my local Target yesterday ):

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I'm with Dave1812 - I've been using Downy Free & Sensitive for a few years and I love it. It doesn't add additional scent to anything and lets the detergent scent, if any remains, come through. The softening is outstanding without having any negative effect on absorbency.

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