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kathecJanuary 10, 2011

I'm looking for a high gooseneck wall mount faucet. I'm not totally sure if I can do a wall mount yet, as we've had issues with a leaking roof that still need to be resolved. I'm looking forward and making a list of potential models. I was just wondering what brand/model is your faucet? And if you're willing to share, where you bought it and approximately how much.

Thank you so much,


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Hi Kathe -

It's a Jaclo brand "Steam Valve Original" line 10" wall-mounted bridge faucet. I bought it at Chown Hardware in Portland and got a contractor's discount price of...get ready for a big gulp...$1,150.00.00! It's about $1,400.00 for the polished stainless one like I got, without a discount. The matte look (or whatever that's called - brushed?) - which is also solid stainless - is $1,200.00 so can be usually gotten for about 1k or maybe less. I know it's an outrageous price but I was just so determined to have a wall-mounted faucet and ALSO have a built-in sprayer and this is the only one on the market that doesn't have a long hose that droops down into your sink off something like a telephone cradle. Those are kinda cool - don't get me wrong - but I kept thinking of a shower in a bath when I'd see them. Still those are neat. It was the quality that also got me on the Jaclo - and the fact that all the parts are replaceable and I loved that the hidden sprayer was so funky and different. Also loved all the lever/wheel choices. So I went for it, convincing myself it would be a centerpiece and was worth the splurge to make such a statement. So far I haven't regretted it - and when I had a small problem the company stood behind it and immediately replaced the part. Everyone I spoke to seemed shocked there was even a problem in the first place (low h20 flow - and I got great flow once it was replaced) because no one had heard of these faucets ever having problems before.

Well there you have it. Knock on wood - I love it so far! :)

Here's how the hose works on their deck-mounted version:

Here are the faucets on Jaclo's site:

This one shows a different style (articulated I think it's called) but it shows what my white levers would look like it black, which I almost got - they look so spiffy! I could always change them out someday if I want a change:

The link below is to a food blog guy whose pics of his kitchen I stumbled across when researching the faucet. I just love his kitchen...

HTH! :)

Here is a link that might be useful: This kitchen was what pushed me over the edge into buying the faucet

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Oh wow. Thanks for the all the great info. I'll put it on my ultimate if-I-win-the-lottery wish list, but to put it into perspective, I paid $1500 for all my cabinets AND granite, so it's probably not in the same stratosphere as my budget.

I'm glad you love it. I'll live vicariously through you LOL!


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I could not help but peek at this and want to recommend our brand of wall mount faucet. We went with a Chicago one, but not a gooseneck. Ours has an elbow type bend the faucet and is level with the mount. The quality was evident as soon as we opened the box. Even our plumber commented on it.

Here is a link that might be useful: some wall mounts by Chicago

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Thanks for the source dianalo. This is definitely more in line with my budget. I'll check them out.

How do you like the elbow type wall mount? Have you used it yet?

Any pictures?

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Dianalo and Kathec - I LOVE those faucets and would totally have gotten one if I hadn't so badly wanted a sprayer and if I didn't already have the sink. The farm sink would have had to be pushed back quite a ways to meet one of their gooseneck faucet's spout anywhere near the center of the sink. To meet a faucet without a great reach, the sink would have been sitting way back and the counter would be the part standing out proud! That one with the elbow however would have worked, I imagine. But I really wanted a gooseneck for some reason that I don't presently understand.

Sounds like a good plan!!

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