Fisher & Paykel lint cup problems

Lana212February 3, 2011

I have a F P DEGXI Dryer that worked great for several years. About a year ago the lint cup stayed empty for several loads and then the machine turned the heating element off. I had a repairman out who didn't realize the lint was trapped around the lint cup but reset the button. Of course, it happened again and a different repairman came out and cleaned it and reset it. Three months ago, same thing only the hepa filter around the cup was replaced as well as the Element kit, manual reset, and thermals. I had debated on spending the $400 even though the machine is only 5 years old but I love it when it works. Now, this week the cup is empty after washing a blanket and the dryer needs to be reset again. This involves taking the sides and front off the machine. My husband can do it but hates too. I hate to pay $80 for a repairman to do it. Will this happen forever now? Is there anything that can be done to get the lint to go to the lint cup?

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Disassemble the lint cup housing and confirm the lint scraper piece at the top is not broken, worn, or missing. When the housing is assembled, the scraper sits about 1/8" from the filter surface. The filter continuously rotates past the scraper, which removes lint when it builds up enough to touch it. The scraper is available as a separate replacement part, Part # 395138. lists it for $14.49.

Only the front panel needs to be removed for access to the element reset, not the side panels.

The thermal protector triggers only if the element overheats due to insufficient airflow, such as from excess lint accumulation on the filter ... OR a clog in the exhaust. Confirm that the ducting connecting the dryer exhaust to the wall outlet is not crushed or obstructed, and clean/examine the exhaust ALL THE WAY FROM THE WALL OPENING TO WHERE IT EXITS OUTSIDE THE HOUSE.

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My lint filter cup fill like it is designed to, but there is A LOT of lint that exits at the vent outlet. I have to clean the outlet cover monthly to remove lint that is beginning to block it.

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Some kinds of exhaust hoods may be more susceptible to blockage. Do NOT place a mesh screen over it, that'll clog very quickly like a dryer filter.

Your filter screen may have some tears in it, which allows lint to pass through into the exhaust. Due to the design of the filter, with the auto-scraper mechanism involved, the filter mesh can tear if hard debris (such as sand, bits of gravel or seeds/burrs) is in the lint and gets caught between the scraper and surface of the rotating filter. Replacing the filter is easy enough, although it's somewhat expensive. lists it at $68.05, is $78.49. Please advise if you need instructions on how to access the filter for examination/replacement.

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Replacement instructions would be welcomed! Exhaust hood has 3/8" squares.

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Remove the lint bucket. There's a single screw toward the bottom behind the bucket to remove the housing. Pull the housing out first at the bottom to clear the moisture sensor bars, then down and out.

Next, remove the screw at bottom center of the outer plastic ring. The screw is recessed into the ring so a magnetic screw driver is useful to get it out. Press your hands on the plastic ring, rotate it slightly clockwise to detach it from side of the drum, the filter comes out with it.

Housing & filter ring removed. Clean/vacuum any accumulated lint from the area, careful not to snag the wires.

The filter snaps to the retainer ring.

Reverse the procedure to reassemble. When reinstalling the bucket housing, insert the top of it (lint scraper) first, then swing the bottom into position around the sensor bars.

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Finally shook off the flu and took a look at the dryer. Yep, a torn screen. I wonder what would cause this? I know when we took delivery of the dryer the scraper was not seated correctly. I fixed this within the first week, but damage may have already been done and has gotten progressively worse.

Thanx for the help!

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Thanks once again to dadoes for his clear, informative instructions. I just finished replacing my filter using his directions. The screw in the outer ring did not want to come out, nor did the ring want to shift. After several attempts both tasks were accomplished. There was quite a bit of lint behind there. I used a damp cloth and wiped away as much as I could get.

The outer ring screw gave me some fits getting back in (not the most comfortable position, with your head hanging down into the dryer), but it's done.

Let's hope this solves my problems with lint building up on the sensors, causing the dryer to stop drying.

There was a small tear (a little more than an inch long) in the filter, as if it had pulled away from the side.

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Another thing to check on the filter is build-up of residue. The fine mesh can get partially clogged with powdery lint residue, perhaps exacerbated by softener (both liquid and sheets). Clean it carefully/gently with soft wet toothbrush.

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My issue is an empty lint bucket after each cycle. The lint scraper doesn't appear broken and the lint filter is completely intact. the lint just builds up around the filter. What should I look at next?

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Airflow restriction, maybe ... but that should cause noticeably slow drying performance as well.

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Ok, so there was a clog in which I cleared and it performed well for 3 loads and stopped dumping into the bin and starting clogging up the filter again. The scraper doesn't look bad. Should I replace it before pursuing other avenues?

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