Kitchen at Work 2014

oldbat2beJanuary 5, 2014

My New Year's resolution is to try one new recipe a week.

Here's week 1 - Artisan bread from the Tartine cookbook. It didn't rise far enough for the first loaf and I fell asleep during the final baking for the second loaf. I'll try this again sometime but boy it's an all day event.

First proof:

Loaf 1 (actually rather flat and dense and I think I should have cooked it longer):

Loaf # 2:
Let's just call this a very dark bread, ok?

I'm no trailrunner (sniff). What are you cooking today/this week/this year?

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Love seeing KAW photos. The first loaf LOOKS pretty even if you said that it was a little dense. And the 2nd loaf...we'll just pretend that we didn't see that - I've never had anything like that happen to me. *wink*

We're mid-remodel, so I'm "cooking" very little right now - some basic microwave reheating. Thawing some soups that I made and froze pre-remodel is about as fancy as it's getting right now.

I got some organic avocados at Trader Joes which just ripened up yesterday and made a chicken breast, provolone, and avocado sandwich for DH and me yesterday. And also made some guacamole yesterday to snack on - used some sundried tomatoes that I managed to find that I didn't box up, so those were chopped up in the guac...quite tasty. But, no REAL cooking going on here for probably at least another month or so.

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We jump right from holiday season into birthday season. Pies are the candle-base around here, and DH makes a great crust.

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Oh my goodness oldbat - that second loaf looks like a very yummy CHOCOLATE bread! You meant to do that right? ;)

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My 13 year old made Julia Child's Beef Bourguignon (in her new CIA chef coat which she got for Christmas).

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andreak100 - does that mean you have only a month or so until your remodel is done? Any progress pix to share?

bpathome - pie crusts are my nemesis. Which recipe does your DH use?

Autumn.4 - I'll go with that :)

Itsallaboutthefood- great KAW picture, that looks yummy! What a cute kid and oh that backsplash, love it.

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Oldbat-you make me laugh. If that's chocolate bread, it does look good. You've inspired me to try to photoshop. Going slowly with the Ipad app. One new recipe a week, hmmm. I'm soon going to have this great new kitchen with great appliances and I should cook.
I got a great KA mixer & used it to whip 2 egg whites for a waffle recipe & using the KA was really fun.
Itsallaboutthefood, she's darling & that beef looks fabulous. I could use that cute little chef in my kitchen.

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Popovers for breakfast! The ones in the muffin tin were good, but the ones in the popover pan were sky high!

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Oldbat2be, I think DH uses the crust recipe from Joy of Cooking, and adjusts for conditions. He's a "zen" cook!

Itsallaboutthefood, wonderful picture, and your daughter looks so proud and happy, as she should! Tell me about the advertising cards behind her? I have the "Lait pur" one, what is the other?

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bpathome - The other "advertising card" is Jardin de Paris Montagnes Russes Nautiques.

Here is a link that might be useful: jardin de paris

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Your bread looks lovely, but that tile makes me swoon every time I see it!!

What am I cooking? Cap'n Crunch WITH Crunchberries, than you very much. Still re-ordering cabinets and this has allowed me to re-think and re-measure so that I end up with the same design after another month of obsession (grumble, grumble, grumble). I feel like I've fallen and I can't get up...

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eam44-love it! On a particularly crummy or stressful morning I have been known to sprinkle chocolate chips on my lucky charms. Normally I eat much better BUT there are those days. :)

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robo (z6a)

Today I invited a local baker (Crystal from Gateaux Rose) over to give a little workshop on cupcake decorating. We were all cake decorating novices so she started us off easy.

I don't have any photos of the frosting production process, but it's the mousseline buttercream recipe from The Cake Bible. (edit: she just sent along this recipe). Stable and very pipeable. I learned that crystallization=death and to not panic if it starts looking like cottage cheese in the middle - you just need to whip the (poop word) out of it.

Crystal demonstrating how to make a rose with a petal tip.

Insisting he was trying for a carnation and not a rose

Some from the best student (not me).

It was a fun afternoon! I think I'd like to host more 'cooking skills' parties. Simon (the fella) has offered to do a dumpling party here sometime soon.

PS Yep, we're actually all that pale - it's still pretty much winter in Nova Scotia.

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What pretty cupcakes and what a fun way to share your lovely kitchen!

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Shepherd's pie I made yesterday, recipe from America's Test Kitchen.

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robo (z6a)

linelle, how did you like it? I love America's Test Kitchen!!

Thanks, fishymom - nothing looks better than a kitchen at work!

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robo, it's utterly fantastic, very lush and rich. It has an odd technique where you don't brown the meat first, but you also avoid it getting that rubbery quality. The flavor is very deep and developed. It's not at all difficult to make, but it's one of those dishes that has very little break time during the prepping and cooking, and then suddenly you're done. I rewrote the recipe because the one I found online had all the ingredients on one page and the prep on another and it was too much going back and forth.

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I've had that Shepard pie and its to die for! First time I had it I literally made myself sick by eating too much.


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" I could use that cute little chef in my kitchen. "

I could use one of those!

trying to convince myself I have the energy to scramble an egg or 2 for my dinner. or settle for another tortilla with cheese on it (lunch).

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I made Jamaican ox tail last night. I'd post a pick but it's not a pretty dish :-)

Soooo yummy though!

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Delighted to see this thread is still going. I haven't always achieved my '1 new recipe a week' resolution, but must admit, some weeks there are two or three new ones tried.

kitten1313 - popovers for beakfast? We always had with a potroast or some such (lots of gravy). Sounds good!

Eam44 - have I missed your remodel? Pictures or a link to your post please.

robotropolis - Oh my those look wonderful. May I please come to your next event (Northern MA, willing to travel....).

Linelle - I haven't seen that recipe, will have to look for it; the piped potatoes look very pretty. I made a modified shepherd's pie last week from Joy of Cooking which we all loved. Tripled the veggies, added a can of diced tomatoes and defrosted hamburger meat from the freezer. F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S - to the extent of, both DH and I called each other at the same time the next day (probably around 11:30 AM) while eating leftovers for lunch to rave.

Chiefneil - recipe or link to? Anything involving beef marrow is sure to be yummy :)

Next up on my KAW 2014 - planning my 50th at the end of May, at the house. DH wanted to plan a party elsewhere but I balked. My plan (from this lofty distance of 24 days away) is to make 5 or 6 great cakes as well as various apps to be reheated and passed around (by hopefully hired college help). Easy-peasy, no?

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I am with you! Happy 50th a few weeks in advance !

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Not nearly as impressive as some of these dishes you all are preparing and since I've never posted a KAW (let alone a reveal), here's a photo of my kitchen hard at work. :D

We hosted my family on Sunday evening, Cuatro de Mayo, for my dad's 75th birthday by having enchiladas, fish tacos and a taco bar. His birthday is really Cinco de Mayo.

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robo (z6a)

Not sure what looks more delicious...the food or that countertop?

Ob2b - you got it, if you're in Nova Scotia send me a message!

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