Dehumidifier as dryer?

starraffyFebruary 5, 2014

Who's using their dehumidifier for drying clothes as well?

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Switzerland does. They have rooms dedicated to drying clothes with wall-mounted dehumidifiers.

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Yes I do have a dehumidifier as a dryser but also have normal dryer.
I want to hang alot of clothes and that cuts down the time it takes to dry.
I have had one for over 10 years now and just bougt the second one wich is alot better. The fan in it is so strong so it moves the air in the room much faster so a load of laundry will dry in about 6 hours instead of days otherwise.
I do recomend it alot if u wanna cut down the use of power because they are alot cheaper to run than a dryer.

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whirlpool_trainee , so a lot of people have been doing it, I'm planning to have on my own too..

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poppel25, really? so its cheaper running a dehumidifier than a dryer if based on the energy consumption. i am buying one cause i want my clothes and linen to dry fast given my space is quite small. what have you got? I had one years ago but i left it in my mom's house.

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Dehumidifiers have a compressor that blows out warm air. Sort of like standing behind a window unit air conditioner, outside. They also don't last as long as they used to. Now more cheaply made, like all "disposable" appliances. (Grrr.....). we've had to replace our basement unit every three years.

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I've got a wood's dehumidifier made in canada. If you go to and change the language to english you can read it. I'm in Sweden so thats the default setting of the website. The model I have can be found on if you are in the us.
Model being:
Heaven Fresh NaturoPure 45 Pints (20L) Dehumidifier HF 610 with Activated Carbon Filter and Direct Drain Option
On woods website the model are mdc16.
my previuswas also a woods and that lasted for 10 years before a got a new one.
I really likethis one. If the space are small everything will dry rather fast. It will not be as fast as a dryer, just remember that.

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I use a dehumidifier in the basement to dry certain clothes only in the summer. In the winter it seems the heat from the furnace vents in the basement do the trick. I assume our whole house furnace humidifier fills up the basement in the winter, so using a dehumidifier seems counter productive. I didn't know so many other people did this too.

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Yes, I use dehumidifier for drying my clothes. Dehumidifier can be an exceptionally successful system for drying garments inside and its turning into an alternative option to tumble drying.

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They're better than a dryer for delicate sweaters, and better than simply waiting forever for sweaters to air dry. I used to have a drying rack set up in front of a dehumidifier and bras, sweaters, other delicate items all got thrown on it--dry in a matter of hours, not days, and in perfect condition.
IMO you can't do without a dryer too, unless you like stiff jeans and waiting a long time for heavy clothes and comforters to dry.

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