What options for hanging laundry?

rima_waFebruary 19, 2012

Hi all - We will be doing a laundry room remodel in the coming year or two, and one of the things we need to accommodate more efficiently is the hanging laundry like lingerie, special knit items etc. I currently have one of those collapsible stands that blocks the door to our garage when it is set up. I'd love to have something permanently installed over the sink, or some other option. What do you have that you like, that works well, isn't in the way and is easy to reach? I am short (5 ft 2) and can't reach up high to hang things. Thanks for any thoughts about this.

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Google for something called a Sheila Maid. It's a suspended, multi-bar, drying rack on pulleys that is quite common in the UK. The imported ones are quite pricey, but there used to a reasonably priced Canadian knock-off, Of course you could probably work out a DIY version, as well.



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Here is another variation of a ceiling laundry rack, at an affordable price, if you don't feel like DYI.

Here is a link that might be useful: Greenway 6-Rod Laundry Lift

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I am short too.
I have a cupboards with a laundry room sink across from the washer and dryer. Over the counter space I have an upper cupboard but no cupboard over the sink
I have a rod that goes from the cupboard over the sink to the other wall.
that of course only works for things I dry on hangers.
my laundry is big enough for a stand up rack too.

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thanks all for the ideas. I will consider everything at this point! I recently got an organizing magazine and they had a pull-down rack that came out from the wall at an angle (hinged at the bottom) with bars across it. It was hung above the sink. Not sure how I'd reach it, but it looked nice too.

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I have a retractable clothes line that runs across the laundry room when in use. When done I unhook it and it disappears. It has been the perfect $10 solution for me!

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I have two standing racks that fold and store between the dryer and wall when not in use. I also have rolling clothing racks for items on hangers. I'm short, too, and always keep a little step stool in the laundry room. If you use a step stool, then a wall mounted rack might work, something like the Madison rack in the link below. I googled wall-mounted drying rack and came up with lots of results.

Here is a link that might be useful: Madison Drying Rack

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I'm looking at options myself and noticed a couple of options I liked in a catalog the other day, think it was Ballard Designs. I've never purchased from them so can't validate their quality, but they did have some nice looking laundry options.

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