Ooh, Breaking news Cameron Diaz is hot at 40

terriksOctober 4, 2012

I saw this on several "news" programs today.

Why is it a big deal that a genetically gifted woman who has never borne children and can afford trainers, spa treatments, etc. would be "hot" at the young (to me) age of 40?!!

Give me a break.

What about us regular people who don't have the same resources who bust our butts to look good and be fit at 55? (rant over)

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Major Ditto!!!! And speaking of, you know the news anchor (I forget her name) who was called "fat" and she did a rebuttal on her show? Give me a HUNDRED of her over these skinny blonde bimbos we have on our local news!

I don't know if it's the OKC market or what, but each news/weather person hired is a 20-30 something "beauty" with the shortest skirts ever and the lightest hair. And they all stand to deliver the news.

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She never has to worry about the cost of beauty treatments, medical treatments, food costs, housework of any sort or variety .... snort!

And that is the "news" Sad.

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But really, why are women judged on how they look, period?

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Olychick said:

"But really, why are women judged on how they look, period?"

Excellent question, Olychick.

And, why do we really care what others think?

As I get older, while I still love to exercise and stay fit, I find I am less concerned about how I look to the rest of the world.

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Call me catty, but I've never been a fan of Diaz or considered her to be "hot". I think that Aileen Quinn who played "Annie" (and more breaking news: "See what she looks like today!") is even more beautiful. At 41.

I agree that it shouldn't matter what we look like, but people are visually stimulated and just wired to "appreciate" certain looks.

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I listened to an old episode of Oprah today on XM radio that was very interesting and sort of related to this. She had Cybil Shepherd on, talking about beauty and aging. And CS was saying that her beauty did open doors for her and give her certain advantages, and that when she turned 40, and even worse, 50, it was shocking and really disturbing for her to realize that her looks were "fading." The point was that when people are so beautiful that they rely on their looks for so many aspects of life, it's that much more difficult for them when they age and their beauty isn't what it used to be. So perhaps we should feel sorry for poor Cameron, because she won't be this hot forever.

So I think I'm glad I have never been too beautiful!

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I'm another who has never considered Diaz even close to beautiful, let alone 'hot'. I think hot is related more to a way of dressing and 'throwing' one's sexuality out in front of the public for all to see. A true beauty doesn't have to show a lot of skin to be called hot~~I would consider Hillary Swank or even Nicole Kidman, hot.

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"...the Rockies may crumble, Gibralter may tumble,
they're only made of clay, but our love is here to stay..."

Gershwin wrote those lyrics for a wonderful, romantic love song, but we could also sing those words straight to ourselves! Everything physical is diminishing minute by minute. All that endures is our love. Only our love is here to stay.

It's a sad reality that physical beauty (a fleeting, superficial quality) can be such a big stumbling block to love. For one thing, since certain traits are considered universally appealing, all the interest is drawn toward those with such characteristics.

Remember the angst of being a teenage female? We got the message that beauty would win us the prizes we sought. Will *I* be asked to the prom? Will *I* get a great boyfriend this year, a great husband down the road? Will *I* be a winner in life? Didn't we believe our appearance drove the answers to those questions? If we didn't, we were lucky, and unfortunately, rare individuals.

If our stunning beauty indeed initiated relationships, hopefully we and our partners moved beyond the blush of youth to find and be attracted to more substantial qualities in one another. Otherwise, relationships started on physical attraction wouldn't last. We learn no real happiness is to be gained through obsession with appearances, and how that focus takes attention from things that are more important and fulfilling.

In this sense, as Sue suggests, physical beauty can actually be a disadvantage, and those attached to having a partner look a certain way are equally disadvantaged. The fear of losing beauty can be haunting, and the effort not to lose it, draining.

We can only hope that Cameron is working at growing in love, being a loving a person, as much as she is striving to maintain her outer beauty. To quote another song, "Love is all we need."

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good grief, terri -- you had me worried with the subline...I had to click on it to find out whether you'd lost your mind! I was thinking when I saw it that I'd have to type something like "terri, in your 50s, you're 'hotter' than Cameron Diaz ever was!"

You can imagine my relief when I read your take. Phew : ) Although I have never understood why people think Cameron Diaz is hot, I will say that I'm glad that someone of unconventional looks (but enough height to have great legs) is able to have such longevity both onscreen and in voiceover.

Nicole Kidman has, sadly, lost whatever looks she had. She should sue her plastic surgeons. She *never* needed them and they've only done her wrong and wronger. She's going to end up looking like Lady Cassandra in Doctor Who if she doesn't quit now.

p.s. terri, would your opinion of Cameron change if you found out that she hoops? : )

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I don't have a negative opinion of Cameron Diaz at all. I quite enjoy her actually. It's just the idea that it is "news" that she is attractive and in good shape at the "ripe old" age of 40 that I find ridiculous. Also, it plays into the whole idea of us "older" women as being invisible, when 40 is considered to be so old that it's news that a woman of that age can be attractive.

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I love Meryl Streep.

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Ah, I see, o.k. I know the invisible feeling...I'm so far off the radar these days that I now see men giving my 15 y.o. DD the once-over as we walk around together and I feel like unleashing my inner blutbot and putting them in their place :) (sorry, just finished watching "Grimm" : ))

Meryl Streep hasn't had plastic surgery, I don't think -- she does those microcurrent facials on a regular basis, though.

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I saw pictures of Nicole Kidman about an hour ago on the morning news. She's playing Grace Kelly in a movie about her. Nicole was gorgeous. I didn't notice anything.

Maybe I'll have to look her up online. :)

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Saying someone is Hot is much different than saying they are beautiful.

Frankly, it's quite a backhanded "compliment", as it relates to the observer's reaction, and not any intrinsic makeup of the object. When did our "does Howard Stern think I am Hot enough to be in Playboy??" become the standard for beauty in a woman? It's pretty vulgar.

In my opinion, If a person has been blessed with beauty, they will continue to look good usually no matter what age and stage of life they are in, as long as misfortune of accident or disease doesn't befall them. Who doesn't think that in both Bye Bye Birdie and Grumpy Old Men that Ann Margaret is a beauty? Or Sally Field in Gidget and Mrs. Doubtfire? She is blessed with a natural beauty.

And I have such respect for actors such as Sandra Bullock who while having the physical traits to probably play into the Hot, choose to play into the more normalized roles (she wore a large coat and sweater in While You Were Sleeping) and it is such a charming movie. I think she is a good physical comedy performer and is compelling in her humor and charm factor. Even though she is very attractive.

In Hollywood, the Hot thing is a bit like being a child star, and then not being able to cross into adult roles. What roles will Cameron, Demi, and Megan Fox be playing when they are 55?

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