Fisher & Paykel GWL15 no power

daisysummer04February 1, 2012

Any ideas would be great and so appreciated!! After a one time service charge of over $100 to just see what the problem was......I watched as the service man got a dime out of the water pump piece. This happened on 3 other occasions which I promptly fixed....yea, me! lol money saved.... Now, here we go again!

It acted as if it was the water pump. So I baled out the water and then the next day I was going to see if I had any change in the water pump. When I went to turn it on one last chance to get it to suck the water out....there was no power. The control panel seemed to be fine, but nothing. The plug, the breaker and the outlet are all fine and working. Just no power at all to the machine. Figured if it was the motor at least the panel should light up, so was thinking it was the power source. IS there a magic reset button somewhere? or do you think it could be the power board? It's a great machine but for the service call, parts and labor, I can almost buy another new one. I would really appreciate anything you can think of for me to check.



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There is no hidden/magic reset button on these machines.

If the machine is "dead" then the controller board is bad.

The control panel itself is a separate module from the controller board. There are two motors ... the main SmartDrive motor that runs agitation and spin, and the separate little pump. The control board is the "heart" of the machine, not the motor(s).

A bad pump will often zap the board ... *particularly* if the pump has been leaking / has gotten wet. A jammed pump (such as from a dime) shouldn't ordinarily zap the board. The pump has separate overheat protection that resets when it cools.

Pretty much all repairs on F&P washers, except replacing the tub bearings, are easy enough that a competent DIYer can handle them without calling-out a service tech.

Parts are available online from and

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