Non-Dairy Coffee Creamer - Natural & Rich!

kellyengOctober 10, 2012

I'm posting this here because I seem to remember a few people looking for an alternative.

My Dr. suspects I have too much internal inflammation so I'm trying to keep it low through nutrition and there are studies that indicate dairy as an inflammation culprit. I'm totally off dairy except for half and half in my coffee. I just can't do without it. So I did some research and came up with this recipe:

1 can (14oz.) coconut milk

1 egg

2 oz. coconut oil

Combine the milk and egg in a blender. Start blending, add the oil slowly to emulsify. It should be thick and frothy. Once chilled, it will be more like thin whipped cream. Keep in the refrigerator up to a week and spoon into coffee.

It's very rich and creamy which is what I'm looking for. However, if you let your coffee cool, it will form a film on top and may separate a little.

This is not calorie friendly at 80 calories for two tablespoons but I'm willing to allow for it.

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I'm guilty of licking raw cookie batter off a spoon and haven't ever gotten sick (yet) but does the raw egg part of the recipe concern you?

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I have no problem eating raw pasteurized eggs. But if you do, egg replacer would probably work fine although it might not be as thick and rich.

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Oh if only someone could come up with a powdered version. I'm hooked on that stuff. It's horribly bad, I know, but I can't stand my regular coffee without it. I drink my lattes with soy...I wonder if your creamer would work with soy milk?

As for eggs...those sold in grocery stores are pasturized, no need to worry about raw consumption. It's the home-grown, fresh, delish eggs that are the problem.

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I know pasterized eggs are supposed to be safe, but I cannot eat/drink raw eggs! I rarely drink coffee, so creamer is not an issue for me.

Kelly - I happened to see a blip where diet for imflammation is going to be on Dr. Oz I believe it is - tomorrow. I do not remember the name of the doctor who will be speaking on the topic. Hope you see this - you may want to watch the program.


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Fortunately I like my coffee black so I'm spared those extra calories - except for the occasional non-fat Starbucks mocha.

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Tina, I missed it but I think I can go to the website for video. Thanks!

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