Is there a 12 Step Program for us???

whiteycatFebruary 24, 2014

I swear I am going nuts trying to figure out what new washer and dryer to purchase!! I know a lot of others are feeling the same way! I read a ton of reviews and then think I have made a decision. But NO!! Suddenly, I will read a bunch of negative reviews about the one I thought was going to be IT! Next day, start over with another brand and run into the same thing! My husband keeps asking me when we are going to get a new set. He thinks I have gone bananas when I start to tell him the pros and cons of the different brands.

OMG I thought it would be easy to decide on this. NOT!
Anyway, just wanted to vent a little and see if other people feel like they are losing their minds as well! :)

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I feel your pain. The more research you do, the more you feel there's no brand that's worth buying. I finally chose one that seemed to have lots of positive reviews and fewer negative ones. But they all have at least some negative reviews - even the often-praised Speed Queen.

I"m planning to buy a SquareTrade warranty, and I'm buying the machine from a small. local dealer where I communicate personally with the owner. I figure he has more at stake (reputation within the community) than a low-wage sales rep at a box store.

But ultimately, I eliminated the ones that seemed worst and tried to accept that I can't know or predict everything.

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We have a 14 year old Kenmore Elite top loader that still works pretty good. Only had one repair - had to replace the solenoid valve about 4 years ago. But I would really like to try out a FL after reading high praises for them.

Plus I want to conserve our well water as much as possible. It's only my husband and me so I don't want or need the large capacity FL. I think a compact would work great for us, plus our space is limited.

I would love to buy a Miele, but being in a small town, I know service would be almost non-existent. So now I am thinking I might get the least expensive but well rated LG or GE compact FL and try it out. If I hate a FL, or if it is too small for us, or it breaks, I will switch to a SQ top loader which is probably almost exactly the same machine as our 14 yr. Kenmore Elite TL. I am just bored with a TL and want to try something new.

I will change my mind in about 15 minutes.

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I'm just curious what negatives have you heard about the SQ's? That's what I was planning to get after I ditch my HE front loaders in a couple months.

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I'm guessing you meant to ask me about SQ negatives, since I mentioned them.

Here's one example of someone who concluded that he/she wouldn't buy another:

Here's an Amazon page with 2 reviews of a SQ FL that are almost opposites:

I'm not here to flame SQ or any other brand, or to say that opinions of SQ are more negative than positive. Just to point out that there are complaints you can find about every brand.

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Well, you can put me in the camp of people who switched from a HE FL (Duet) to a TL Speed Queen and is absolutely thrilled. The longer drying times is the only thing I don't like.

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Yes Phrog... my apologies. :)

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"But ultimately, I eliminated the ones that seemed worst and tried to accept that I can't know or predict everything."

That's how I finally had to approach choosing a FL washer. I made a decision, paid the money, and am now hoping for the best. There is no one "perfect" FL brand or model. They all have lemons and/or people who don't use them properly.

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We are only two and I liked my Bosch FL. The dryer will be non vented but it was a very good dryer.

Here is a link that might be useful: Axxis

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I was mainly trying to say how difficult it is to decide on a new W and D. It is hard to make decisions when you actually take the time to learn and research products!! Sometimes it might be easier to just go to the store, and pick out something based on looks and what the salesperson tells you!! Ha ha

I am now leaning to an" old school" Speed Queen top loader. I went to the local mom and pop store yesterday and they had the basic set on the floor so I could see it. It is a "boring" old fashioned white top loader but high quality. I won't get the new look (cool fl) or the built-in heater or save too much on water. But I will have full control over everything, and that is what I am used to now. So if it will fit in my space, I will go with the AWN542 SQ washer and top of line electric dryer.

If the store had a Miele front loader on the sales floor (meaning they sold enough of them) and there was technical support in our area (which there is not), I would probably buy one.

I hope others who are struggling can finally figure out what will work best for them! I know I am sick of thinking about washers when I go to bed!! ugh! :)

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Whiteycat, I can almost guarantee that you'll find it a GREAT relief to actually roll the dice and order your new machine. When I left the store yesterday, having bought one, I felt like a full load of washing machine knowledge was tumbling in my head that I needed to drain.

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