After months and months of planning, measuring and remeasuring +

serawynFebruary 3, 2011

our washer and dryer do not fit! They are too deep and I can't seem to find *any* online that is less than 27 inches deep.

This is a sample photo, but maybe you can look at it and understand why I'm so sad! The washer and dry we have are front loaders and I'm open to both front or top loaders at this point.

The washer and dryer stick out and makes the walkway between the garage and into the house super narrow. This is the passageway for us and we'll enter and leave our house through here. Is there anything else we can do? I am stressing out that we can't find a washer or dryer that will fit!

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My only suggestion is to look at the smaller Euro sized machines. They are only 24" deep, but they have smaller drums as well.

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Is there anyway you can recess them in the wall like people do to get full size fridges to look counter depth? Hoses and electrical outlets would need to be accessible, though.

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Your photograph does not show the entire door wall, and the other side of the said wall that would be helpful. If the door wall allows, can you move your door (through remodeling) to the left to accommodate and create additional room?

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I'm confused. :( That's a sample photo not your home, right?

Sometimes people start from the wall and neglect to account for the baseboard or molding when measuring.

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Fisher and Paykel models are 25 1/2" deep as far as their specs show. I can't vouch for them, they just looked a bit smaller when shopping.

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it looks like the f&p dryer is 27" deep, well that stinks.

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How much space is behind your dryer? Perhaps recessing the vent to the wall might help? Is the vent in the wall directly behind the dryer? Or the wall to the left? Does it travel up inside the wall? Or go through it?

We need more information...

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