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eshnycFebruary 25, 2014

What is the best Washer and Dryer these days for an active family that does lot of laundry. Dryer must be vented.

I want to consider a stacked set and side by side then make a decision.

No size limits - Price does not matter - I want the best durable machines for home Laundry.

Thank you!

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I don't think you can go wrong with the Speed Queen brand. They make the longest lasting products with the best warranty (3 years) in the industry. Because their residential laundry models use nearly all the same components as their commercial models, you can even use them in a commercial setting without voiding the warranty. I don't think any other brand is up to covering their residential models in this way.

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No doubt Speed Queen offers best bang for the buck. Should last a long time with minimum of repairs.

But is not very energy or water efficient. For me this is not about saving pennies but resources.

Not very gentle on clothes and you can't get consistent high temps. The solution offered is place close to water heater and increase temp on water heater/boiler.

IMO Best

Miele PW 6065 Washing Machine aka Little Giant.

Longest lasting, Very gentle on clothes and very energy and water efficient.

Professional Features

Professional grade for homes and businesses
Durability-bearing is designed to last 25,000 operating hours
Faster cycle times
Temperatures as high as 195ðF can be used for sanitation and disinfection
Large capacity - 6.5kg/15lb capacity
Ideal for homes in need of larger capacity, speed, durability, higher temperatures and flexible program options
Ideal for businesses such as salons, spas, inns, etc.

Standard features

Stainless steel Honeycomb⢠drum
Large LCD screen
15lb. Load capacity
5,000-watt heating element
Honeycomb⢠drum light
Stainless steel suds container
Special high performance heating element for rapid program durations
Strengthened shock absorbers and bearings for quiet operation and long lifespan
Automatic load control for main wash and rinses
Water and energy usage optimized according to load size and fast cycles
Intelligent control of cold and hot water intake
1,400 rpm max. spin speed
195ð F max. temperature
Single Phase 208-240 volts

Wash Programs / Options

Faster Cycle times
11 standard wash programs
8 additional special programs
All programs can be customized

Miele PT 7136 Vented Tumble Dryer

Professional Features

Stainless steel Honeycomb Care⢠drum
15lb. Load capacity
5,000 watt electric heating system
Perfect Dryer - electronic moisture monitoring
Extra large surface area filter
Door with large viewing window
Honeycomb⢠drum light
Buzz at program end
Single phase 208 volts

Drying Programs / Options

Faster Cycle times
15 standard programs
[4] drying levels
[2] timed drying programs
24 hour delay start

Design considerations

Angled control panel
Vents to right, left or back
Stainless steel and white finish
Available in left hinge only

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deeageaux, I drooled over that Miele set, almost went for it...but got the 3033 and the matching vented dryer instead. That would have been a dream set for me. I love fine machinery of any sort. But I have been very happy with the 3033 Miele.

Love the smaller loads with the Miele. I think it must be psychological. I have always hated pulling laundry out of my old top loader that seemed to be a bottomless pit (of laundry). Very hard on my psyche. I have always been a laundry sorter - hand wash, whites, lights, colors, rough and tumble farm clothes. Now I can justify sorting to my hearts content, and not having to wait until I have an extra large load to do my laundry. I don't mine having more loads. When the load is dry it is a snap to fold. It is just a state of mind, I know, but it was a very pleasant surprise to discover this is how I work well with laundry :)

I still wash our "rough and tumble" farm clothes in the 26 year old Maytag top loader, we have in the basement. A real work horse.

But I dream of that fancy Miele professional set!!!

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deeageaux, so if i go with Miele PW 6065 as the washer is there a dryer that you recommend to go with it?

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Miele PT 7136 Tumble Dryer

Is the companion dryer to the PW 6065 washer

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The best washing machine and dryer for the year of 2013 are definitely the front-loading washing machine and dryer as going by their consumption of water, it is very less and even they spin faster because of which most of the water is extracted that again reduce the drying time for the clothes, which is not possible with the top loader. Now if we go by model number the best washer and dryer for the year 2013 and for coming year is
front loader LG WM8000H[V]A washer and LG DLEX8000[V] electric dryer.

Here is a link that might be useful: Buy washing machine online

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Dee, thank you! Just one more question.. Does Miele make risers for their w/d? My wife and I are both tall so would like something elevated...

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They don't have the drawer type.

These are semi industrial units.

See link below, you can click different models to see a picture.

Here is a link that might be useful: Miele Bases

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Got it. Thank you again! Wondering how esthetically pleasing those would be, but definitely want to go for these two units... Thank you again for your advice...

Also, I posed this question under a different thread but wanted to get your opinion on these appliances (we are building a new home so need advice on everything):

Dual Fuel Range - Dacor Discovery ER48D

Fridge - Sub-Zero BI-36S

Dishwasher - Miele Futura Diamond Series G5975

Microwave - Dacor Discovery MMD24

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Litlmikeyb, have you posted these questions on the appliance forum? There might be help over there.

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Fridge - Sub-Zero BI-36S
You will not find a better 36" SxS

Miele Futura Diamond Series G5975
I have a La Perla II, you will not find a better dishwasher.

Dacor Discovery MMD24

I have a 24" Sharp Drawer. Sharp makes all MW drawers. I prefer the door handle than the handless integrated MW drawers of Dacor,Wolf and Thermador but this is preference. Dacor's $616 price premium over Sharp brand is not. Knowing that if you want to pay the premium for the look go for it.

Dacor Discovery ER48D too many reported problems with Dacor ovens. Failing integrated circuits within 5-10 years. $800 repair per oven. Chips in the enamel. Plus mediocre cooktop burners. Too much risk for little reward hoping problems have been solved.

IMO The Dacor DF range's only redeeming quality is the lighted rings around the knobs. Every six months or so I forget to turn off a burner underneath a large pot.

I have a 36" Capital Culinarian All-Gas range and a 24" Gaggenau wall oven. The Gagg is my work horse and mostly my baking oven while the Culinarian and its heavy duty motorized rotisserie is for roasting.

If you want one cooking appliance and must have DF I would go with.Capital CONNOISSEURIAN SERIES COB488N. Instead of the Cullinarian's open 23k btu burners it has open 25k btu burners. And it has one small pot burner capable of 500 btu simmer. That is as low a simmer as anyone could use. I know Wolf goes down to 350 btu but that is really a warm plate feature.

CONNOISSERIUN also has motorized rotisserie, two self clean ovens, plus moist assist which is an optional mode that allows an electric oven to act more like a gas oven. I have not read much feedback on Capital electric ovens, most ovens Capital sells are gas but the feedback I have heard has been overwhelmingly positive. Negative comments have been relatively minor like some think the digital display is not bright enough. I think my Sharp MW drawer digital display is too bright, shinning like a flash light when low mood lighting is on.

Anyways Capital just starting rolling these out, most dealers don't have them on display yet. You might have to special order.

Here is a link that might be useful: CONNOISSERIUN

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Thanks deeageaux! Really appreciate your help on this... If I could ask just two more questions...

What wine/beverage chiller would you recommend?

We are running gas to our back patio and are going to build a little grill area, what grill would recommend?

Thank you once again I can't express how helpful you have been...

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I can help with the grill, after extensive research, I've decided on the Firemagic A660, expensive, but best warranty in the business. It's deeper than most in the same width, so you get the same effective surface area as most 36" grills.
At a lower budget, their less expensive line, AOG (American Outdoor Grill) is a good deal.
I'm pairing my grill with their 60k BTU power burner.
Since I'm putting induction in the kitchen, that gives me an alternative for wok cooking, frying large items or other things that would generate a lot of heat and smoke.

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In addition to previous poster testimonial FireMagic has cast surgical grade SS burners that should outlast you. Their Diamond line also has backlit knobs :) Really top notch grills.

Kalamazoo makes silly expensive grills that can burn gas,wood, or charcoal.

For wine/beverage fridge and undercounter refrigeration I would go with Perlick. Whisper quiet and dead accurate temperatures. They even sell factory seconds( units with imperfections direct to public) at linked page. If you can find a unit you want where the damage is in the back no one will be the wiser.

You did not ask but if you need a rangehood I would go with Modern-Aire.

Here is a link that might be useful: Perlick

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Thank you once again Dee. I wish there was a way for me to repay for this advice. Very much appreciated and thanks for the range hood advice, I realized that was the one thing I forgot earlier.

Thank you!

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" I wish there was a way for me to repay for this advice."

Post pics of your kitchen, outdoor kitchen, and laundry room once you are done!

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