Funny - Exasperated toddler helping Grandma with computer

terriksOctober 4, 2012

I just love the look on this kid's face. This is how I feel dealing with people in my office!

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Soo funny. What a face. I picked up a teeshirt for my GGS that says on the front: "No, I won't fix your computer." He is now 10 months old and walking very well. Time flies, doesn't it? BTW, I am so proud of my GD. She is such an attentive little Mama.

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so cute !

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This brings back memories of my brother, who is the IT guy at the high school where he teachers, trying to do something with his home computer and having a lot of problems. My two-year-old nephew kept singing tunelessly, "my computer, my computer, my computer." We all thought he meant that his daddy was working on the computer where Nephew got to play his computer games.

Nope, he was telling his dad to click on the "My Computer" icon. Which was, in fact, what my brother needed to do.

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I'm sure this was the look on the Dish Network guy the other night when I called in. I'd programmed a new remote per instructions but things still weren't working. He's telling me press clear TV button, now wait for the lights, now the red TV button, now the up arrow once/second till TV shuts off, now the the # sign, etc. Still no luck. So then he said lets try resetting the box and the signal number(primary TV is upstairs, secondary TV in kitchen and box is in basement). So I'm running up & down stairs from room to room pressing buttons and checking numbers. Still no luck. He finally says he'll send a new remote. And to think they have to deal with problems like that all day long.

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Reminds me of this.

Here is a link that might be useful: Honest Toddler

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