Bosch Nexxt Door Fit, Alignment, Sag?

patrick_808January 7, 2011

I have had a Bosch Nexxt 300 Washer for a couple of years, and been very happy with it. The machine does a great job is relatively quiet. Originally, I was unhappy with the annoying attention signal that sounds every thirty seconds or so when the machine was finished. However, after finding in the instructions that I could turn that awful sound off, I have had no complaints with the washer.

I have recently noticed that the door requires quite a slam to get it properly closed. Upon investigation, I see that the metal latch on the door is not properly aligned with the plastic housing on the washer. It seems to have worn a groove in the housing from the misalignment. There doesn't seem to be any play in the hinge. Maybe this has been the case all along, and I didn't notice it at first. I have found that if I lift up slightly on the door when closing it, it closes more easily without needing to be slammed shut.

Any Suggestions on what I can do to cure this? I will try to show a link of a few pictures."; title="IMG_6435 by pjo180, on Flickr">

Here is a link that might be useful: Bosch Door Latch

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Sounds like a service call may be in order.

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I have the exact same problem - mine is Nexxt 500 series - a few years old. I really need to slam my door get it to close. Help!

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I have been disappointed in how little response I have received here. So far, here is how I have handled the situation. A little lubricating grease where the metal latch & plastic housing rub together seems to help a little. To keep things from getting too greasy, I just use a tiny bit, and reapply often. I avoid putting any downward pressure on the door. While it is a little awkward, I try to put a slight "lifting" pressure to the door as I close it. I have learned to live with the problem, but still would like a better solution. Any more help would be appreciated.

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Unfortunately this is not really a machine repair forum and if you don't get many responses it is probably because no one has experience with fixing it. (People here are more likely to go out and buy a new machine if theirs gives them trouble) :-) You might want to post at They have many repair-oriented readers who may be able to help.

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Thanks for the tip. is a fascinating site. I enjoyed looking at all the vintage machines. Another GW member with the same door problem on their Bosch, has informed me of success by using a slight shim in the door hinge. I won't be near my machine for a few months, but will try the same when I can. I just hope I can get access to removing the hinge without special tools. As I recall, it looked tricky to me.

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I'm having the same issue. I have a 1 1/2 year old Bosch Axxis (which has a different latch from your Nexxt) but thought I was doing a good deed by leaving the door open in between washes. But in doing so, it caused the door to sag where I need to lift the door to get the latch to line-up with lock. Now after washes, I will leave only cracked for a certain amount of time and then close the door completely. You can't win! I slightly tightened the screws holding the two halves of the door which does tighten the play in the door but it doesn't help in lifting the door. Patrick, can you please show me the forum where you learned of the shim? Hopefully it applies to my washer as well. Thanks, John

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