How to protect wood floors from chair scuffing?

eks6426January 5, 2010

I have hardwood floors in my dining room and have had a constant battle with the floors getting scuffed up when the chairs are moved. I have tried the little felt pads but they constantly come off and the floors get scraped.

Now, I'm putting hardwood in the kitchen (and redoing the dining room) so I want to find something better for the bottom of the chairs. Does anyone have any suggestions on what could work that actually stays on?


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you could try hot glue gunning the felt pads on. we have the same problem and i have thought about doing that.

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We bought a glue at Home Depot for this, and it worked like a charm.

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When I get home from work, I'll post a good link for you. This place carries felt casters that have little sides on them so they won't slip off the bottom of the leg. They come in different sizes so you can buy the ones that fit snuggly.

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I have cut little pieces of the leftovers of the underpadding / soundproofing membranes that are used in concrete buildings to go under engineered hardwood floors and under porcelain floor tiles. Also cork, which is also used for this purpose. These are expensive membranes, but the cost for a 1" square is much less than the felt, described above, which often comes apart when it's firmly glued onto the bottom of a chair leg. These synthetic membranes and cork hold together very well. Cork is a lot harder than most people think; it's not a sponge and it's not balsa wood.


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I don't have wood floors, but even ceramic tile will get scraped, plus the chairs don't slide well. I reseached on line for the best glides and the consensus was that felt was the best for protection vs the plastic/silicone ones. Felt does wear out, so people thought the ones linked to below were good because you just change the felt, not have to pull out the whole glide. They come in light brown and dark brown and maybe different sizes, but you'll have to check that out as I forget data like that quickly. They also have shims included for chair legs that are on an angle. I got this large pack because it already has replacement felts included and the shims. Now if I could just get my husband to put them on the chairs!

Here is a link that might be useful: Pro-Glides

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I have used the felt pads that have the metal circle on the bottom. You have to pound them into the bottom of the chair legs. They work very well, if you have wooden chairs. They lasted 10 years for me.

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We used felt pads for our kitchen chairs but the problem we found was that little bits of dirt got under the pads and stuck in the pads, and that then scuffed our floor.

We do have kids in the house so maybe more stuff ends up on the floor. But that floor was vacuumed and mopped daily, and we still had the problem. Maybe you are supposed to change them or vacuum the bottom of the pads frequently? I also think the finish on our wooden floor was not good. In any event, it was one of the reasons we chose tile.

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We had to choose new kitchen chairs, so we picked ones that could have casters--no more scraping. There are different types for different floors.

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For felt pads my wood floor installer recommended Cleverbrand pads. Said the ones available now from HD or Lowe's just don't stick well. These stick great.

Here is a link that might be useful: pads

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Thank you everyone. I am intrigued with the Pro-Glides and the cork option. For the cork, what type of cork and glue were used?

Casters sound interesting too...what type are needed for hardwood? Can they be small so they aren't really seen much?

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I found these on the web a while back and really like how they look. They come in different sizes so you can order the ones that will fit over your chair legs the best.

Here is a link that might be useful: formed felt pads

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I'm having the same problem. The felt pads work for a while, but they soon turn into sandpaper as grit gets stuck to them. I think the only good solution is a rug.

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After the felt pads that I had been using wore down --my beautiful wood floors were scuffed under my island overhang by my twin boys. I don't think I even realized the damage until it was there. I was so disgusted I scoured the internet for a better solution.

I found this product and wish I had found it sooner. It works like a charm. I only have these on the chairs under my island overhang and on the kitchen chair that I use at my desk. I still have the felt pads on the kitchen chairs that sit at my table on a rug.

The problem with the felt pads is that all of a sudden they are worn out and scratching your floors before you realize it. At least in a kitchen like mine with lots of kid traffic and wear and tear.

Here is a link that might be useful: my solution

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BTW - the number on my package is CB255 if that helps. I realize the website I posted is confusing.

Also-these are expensive.

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