Are There any Non HE Washers Out There?

shesheJanuary 8, 2011


I am looking for a simple, heavy duty, top loading washer.

Non HE. Where I can control the water level. Is it possible

to find? Thanks for your your help.I have to clean down right

muddy clothes.


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Absolutely. Here's a list that was posted on another discussion forum. These are all deep-fill agitator toploaders. Some of them may have ATC to reduce energy use by controlling the hot water mix, but they're not low-fill HE.

Frigidaire FTW3014KW
Frigidaire FTW3011KW

Fisher & Paykel EcoSmart WA42T26GW1


Maytag MVWC200XW
Maytag MVWC300VW

Roper RTW4100WQ
Roper RTW4440VQ

Estate ETW4100SQ
Estate ETW4400WQ

Speed Queen AWN542
Speed Queen AWN432
Speed Queen AWN412
Speed Queen AWN311

Whirlpool WTW4800XQ
Whirlpool WTW5590VQ
Whirlpool WTW57ESVW

Kenmore 800
Kenmore 400
Kenmore 2120
Kenmore 2110

Hotpoint HTWP1000MWW

Inglis IV4800
Inglis IV4600
Inglis IV4500
Inglis ITW4300SQ

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slight correction... the Whirlpool WTW57ESVW does not have auto water fill. It seems to fall into this hybrid category of "Water Efficiency" vs. "High Efficiency". It does get an EnergyStar (but maybe a different level star???).

The Estate is by Whirlpool and I think maybe the Inglis is too. I think I saw that brand at Best Buy.

Watch out that some of these "basic" washers have all the basic features you expect, like fabric softener dispenser. I was looking at an Estate model that did not. Sometimes the diffs aren't super obvious.

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also some of these models come and go really fast. I tried to get the Maytag MVWC300VW from my dealer and it was not available any longer. The MCVWC200VW was available, but there was some reason I didn't pick it.

If you have size constraints (like in a tight closet), the list gets shortened pretty quick too.

Good luck! I've just been through it (delivery next week) and it was way more challenging than I expected.

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correction to my correction:

slight correction... the Whirlpool WTW57ESVW does not have auto water fill.

I meant "does have".

sorry if I was confusing.

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Thank you.. the list is great.
I wonder if anyone has tried Speed Queen.
It appears to be what I want. Saw two posts
at appliance repair forums but one was an older

Here is a link that might be useful: speed queen

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I just ordered this non-HE WP WTW57ESVW, from Lowes, 540 out the door with 4 year extended warranty.

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Inglis and Estate are Whirlpool. Hotpoint is GE I believe.

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Yes there are! However, it has been proven that HE detergent dissolves better, washes superior and does more loads while costing a whole lot less!

Simple test! Take old non-HE detergent in one hand and HE in the other and run your hand under a faucet! See the result for yourself!

But to answer your question again .... YES there are plenty of non-HE models out there even today!

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I hate hate hate my HE front load washer. Forget them if you have dogs. Your clothes come out full of dog hair (not to mention it doesn't remove human hair either) I cannot wait to go back to the old top loaders NON HE. Thank you for this list!

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I never had an issue with dog hair not coming off of my clothes with my FL. My sheltie use to shed all over me, I just took a lint brush and got the excess off and washed the clothes. I didnt want all that excess hair in my washer, clogging it up, going through the pump and such. I did the same when I had a conventional TL too. If I were in the market for a new TL agitator washer, Id go buy a Speed Queen. It is a high quality built product, no water sensing on it, dials, and you can select the water level and temps manually. They are expensive though.

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We had the store rep come out to look at our issue with dog hair and he could only recommend doing a second rinse cycle. It doesn't help. Isn't it supposed to be energy efficient? So now we use just as much water to do laundry and clothes and items like dog bedding are nowhere near as clean as our old top loader. Wish I never got rid of it.

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What brand of Fl do you have Gilligans Island? Does it have a heater? Do you wash in cold mainly? WHat brand of detergent do you use?

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

I had a set of commercial quality Speed Queens the washer and dryer both older model TL's I hated to part with them when I got my new Samsung FL's but I am loving the new ones and the old ones got a good home.
If buying top loaders again I would go SQ I got mine from a professional builders supply, I had to get a contractor to go with me and got a great deal that was many many years ago and never once had a problem with the pair.

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Those Speed Queens look like very no-nonsense machines!

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I have been looking for a non HE washer and couldnt find one. I have to wash my clothes twice, which uses more water than a non he. I will be checking this list for my new non HE washer.
When government or unions get involved in anything, it automatically becomes less effective, less cost effective, and the result is loss of Liberty and Freedom. History proves it over and over. This fact is irrefutable. If it feels good , sounds good, but is promoted by government? Then run far away from it, and never put it into law!

Same goes for my toilets in my new house. Terrible.

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Look at Speed Queen.

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Have my speed queens a year now and they work as well as the day I got them. Tough no nonsense machines that wash,rinse and dry very well. Highly recommended.

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Birddog, I agree with Sparky and Triedandtrue- Speed Queen all the way. It does the job. You can bypass the regulated water level. The repairman I had out to fix my previous washer was the one who recommended Speed Queen- said once his customers get one, he never has to see them again! Good luck.

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FWIW...I bought my SQ's last October from local mom&pop store I've purchased all my stuff from for the last 20 years.

Tried to do it two years earlier but they weren't yet connected with mfgr. I fixed the old Maytag to last a while longer but I also made a few phone calls and helped them get the line. (Sales manager in WI answered his own phone!) Since they got it, they've increasingly recommended it to prospective customers because in these last two years, along with easy installs and no learning curves, they haven't had any service calls with them. They just sit there and run. They carry all the usual HE lines, too, but today they're selling more SQ's than any of the others...but, to be fair, it is a small shop.

For myself, they work great, never go out of balance, get my stuff clean quickly (about 35--min full-cycle time) and my guests don't have to read a book to figure out how to use them.

Oh yes, forgot: also longest warranty in the business.

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