Unit Size for 2700 sq ft home?

janythdJune 15, 2011

We are currently building a home and about to install the AC/Heater. For a 2700 square foot home - they are recommending one large unit for the whole house rather than two? Do you think this will be enough to cool and heat the entire home?

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A single furnace and condenser can heat and cool a 2700 square foot house. If this is a two story house, then two smaller units is the optimal solution for balancing the temperatures between floors. It can also save energy. At the very least you do have one plant, then adding zoning with properly sized ducts is highly recommended.

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same as Mike

1st choice two separate systems for a two story

2nd choice one properly sized system with zoning controls for each floor


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We currently have 3,800 sft in two stories. One big heat pump (mild climate) and it works OK. I wish, wish, wish we had zoned it. This next build we will zone and build a one story.

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