Grout color help for brick, please ~ photos

katieobJanuary 25, 2012

Hi all.

This is a bit OT....but it's about grout, which is usually kitchen related :)

We are using thin brick flooring for our mudroom, pantry and half bath. The brick is Robinson's thin brick in English Pub.

I love how it looks rustic and dusty. I want to use a grout that will achieve the look in these photos. I tried TEC Birch on a sample, but it is too beige. Should I try TEC Standard White or move toward a light grey, like Dove Grey?

I'm sending DH to the store to buy the grout sample bags, so I need advice on what colors to buy.

Any ideas?

Thank you so much!


Photos courtesy of Urban Grace~

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I love the look but if I understand you correct you want the brick for a mudroom floor. Our mudroom gets quite dirty and I think that color would be difficult to maintain in our house (kids, pets). A friend has 2 houses and a dog and picks her floor grout color to match the local dirt. It makes her life much easier. If you have a very clean household and lots of rugs it might not be an issue. Sorry I'm no help with grout color but I think a creamier white would work better.

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I have thin brick tile in my half bath and while I love the look I am very glad that I did not put it in some of the other areas that I had considered, it is very hard to keep clean. I sealed the brick tiles many times before they were installed, used TEC stain resistant grout and then resealed so it is not a sealing issue, it is that the texture grabs everything and then it is hard to clean as any dirt on the vacuum rubs off on the brick. I have considered using a poly coat to try to make the surface a little smoother but it will not adhere now and I am not sure how much of a difference it would make anyway. Not trying to be negative as I really like brick tile, just letting you know my experience.

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Where did you get your brick floors? How thick are they? How much were they per square foot? I would like to put them in my new kitchen and am just beginning to explore this option.

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I bought my tile through Inglenook tile linked below, it is a wonderful company to work with. The tiles are half an inch thick, not sure on the pricing as it has been a few years.

Here is a link that might be useful: brick tile

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That brick looks to me like it has been washed with lime. My other question is with brick, do you use grout or mortar? If mortar, I would choose one made with white Portland cement.

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Thank you all so much for your replies.

athomeinva~That floor looks fantastic!

After watching my sample board in different lighting throughout the day, I'm actually liking the birch color now.

We plan to seal it with 511.

Thank you,

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I am at the same stage you were in when you posted this. Brick is laid and they will seal brick today, then on Monday grout and reseal. I LOVE the look of your brick floor. Any thoughts about if you are happy with the lighter color grout you went with? Has it gotten dirty?


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katie and p.ball2,

Please post pictures of your brick floors when they are done. We are considering it in part of the kitchen.

Also grout colors used. Or did you use something else.

Thank you!

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Beachpea3: I ended up going with Custom grout color called Chateau. It is very close in color to the TEC birch color but just slightly darker. My brick is thin brick but it is actually brick that was full brick and cut lengthwise so about 5/8" thick. Mine are Chicago brick. Katie's are a bit lighter in color than mine but they have the uneven texture and chipped edges on some that I wanted.

If you google Katieob finally finished photos you will see her brick floors. I will post once mine are done. They have grouted and it is drying. They then need to come and hit the bricks with an Avis and then seal then again.

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