Visa Warranty Manager + Speed Queen = 4 Years Parts Labor Wty

homergregJanuary 28, 2011

So I just went through the joy of figuring out what washer to get to replace my front loader that died after 6 years with repair costs approaching the price of a new washer. A Speed Queen top load washer arrived last week, complete with the 3 year parts and labor warranty. We put that on a Visa Card that has Warranty Manager, so we got a 4 year parts and labor warranty without adding a penny to the price of the washer. I hope with the Speed Queen purchase that we would never need it, but with this day and age of appliances, it's nice to have.

So far the Speed Queen has been a good experience, the washing machine is very fast. I guess that is why they are called Speed Queen. The clothes are coming out clean and in good shape as long as we do the right things. We learned not to put just any clothes in the Regular cycle, that's a bit rough on the kids knits, but good for towels and the like. We noticed a little pilling on the kids knit tops when we washed them in this cycle, and quite a bit more lint in the dryer afterwards. The permanent press cycle fixed that. It works great for most everyday clothes, quite a bit more gentle than regular cycle. We've just put a little bit more HE detergent than before per load, and it does a great job with that. It spins at 710 rpm and gets the clothes reasonably wrung out before drying. Funny thing is with the front loader we had, we could hear it during the spin cycle and not during washing. The Speed Queen you hear the motor humming a bit during the wash cycle and it is incredibly quiet during the spin. Overall the washer is on par noise wise with our front loader, and that is a good thing.

So far so good, and hoping for decades of trouble free service.

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Glad you are happy - that's what matters. I'm a front loader girl myself.

What was your FL that died?

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Thanks for the reply. My FL that died was a Frigidaire Gallery, the 3.1 cu ft Electrolux made model that has had a lot of problems with bearings and aluminum spider arms corroding. Other FL's don't fit in my narrow laundry room between my garage and house, unless we chose the very small and expensive European models, and getting their quality vs just buying a quality top loader didn't add up.

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