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mcnealJune 9, 2012

I live just NE of Atlanta. Home is two story built in 1993, approx 3400 sqft. Original hvac systems (2) are still in place, but struggle in the summers so I feel its time to replace.

I have talked to several contractors and I am leaning toward Carrier.

Contractor has proposed some basic changes - replacement of fiberboard return boxes, rework attic duct system - add additional return in M bedroom reconfigure ducts to room over garage to increase air flow.


Infinity 17 - 2 stage compressor 24ANB736A**30

Infinity 80% furnace 58CVA090-16

coil CNPV**3717a+UI


Infinity 16 HP 25HNB624A**30

Coil CNPV**2414A+UI

Infinity 80% furnace 58CVA070-12

New line sets, 2 Infinity Control sets, 10year bumper to bumper parts and labor warranty. Out the door ... $17108.00

Thoughts on equipment and cost.


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Not cheap is it?

What size living space upstairs and downstairs?

I notice you are being quoted a larger furnace upstairs. What size HVAC are you replacing?

I assume you have run the operating cost numbers for adding a HP for downstairs system versus upgrading to a small 60 KBTU 95% 58MVC furnace. If you haven't, you should. The leverage of the HP with electric versus high eff nat gas furnace has all but disappeared in many markets.

All good equipment though. I would include a pleated media filter cabinet for each furnace.

You may find that Bryant, sister company to Carrier, offers identical equipment usually less expensive.


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Tigerdunes, Home is equally split about 1700 sqft top and bottom. Family room extends out with a vaulted ceiling downstairs. Room over garage upstairs equals out.

Current system upstairs is a 2.5 ton 60kbtu 80% 10 seer system. Three contractors have all commented that duct work was sized for three ton. So, I am going up to 3 ton and hoping the new duct work will put proper air flow into room over garage.

Contractor priced a 95% Infinity furnace downstairs - not sure of BTU - price was $500 more than the HP and 80% furnace, I don't know why. I am going to a 70 kbtu furnace - from current 60 kbtu - old and new are both 2 ton cooling

Pricing includes Carrier media filter/cabinet - I can upgrade to an April-Air unit for $200 each, contractor recommends this.

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Based on your post, I would stay with the Infinity 80 70 KBTU model rather than the 90 K model as quoted. Frankly, don't understand why dealer is going up in size.

Except for the media filter cabinets that I would insist on and the change in the upstairs furnace size, those are the only issues I see.

And would ask dealer to throw in Carrier media filter cabinets in the deal on his dime to seal the deal.

You have examined your nat gas versus electric rates?

Good Luck!

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Which Infinity 95% AFUE furnace was quoted? There are a few choices.

Why a heat pump for the first floor and not the second?

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I questioned the downstairs HP & 80% furnace vs a 95% furnace. Contractor quoted both and the HP + 80 was $500 less. Maybe a better rebate, I don't know. I did not write down the mdl # of the 95% - but it was a Infinity 2 stage 70 kbtu furnace.

I think I will ask again Monday - I have to have installed by 6/15/12 to obtain rebated - nothing like pressure...

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The rebates for both the systems you quoted are $1100. The Infinity 95%+ AFUE furnaces come in either the 60K or 80K BTU sizes.

Get a price on the 58MVB, 58MVC, and/or 59TN6 in the 60K BTU size. The 59MN7 is the Greenspeed model which is expensive and overkill for your location. All these furnaces qualify for the $1100 rebate when paired with the Infinity AC and controller.

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I would want to see electric rates and nat gas rates for a fair comparison of operating costs between the two heating fuels.

It should be noted that while HPs are perfectly acceptable for Hotlanta location/climate, a furnace whether 80% or 95+% efficiency has a longer operating life than a HP condenser. Sizing of course is very important both for HP condenser and furnaces.


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