Do you like your built in ironing boards?

alizacfJanuary 30, 2012

Any one have built in ironing boards? Are they the same size as a regular board? How do the built ins compare to the freestanding boards in terms of ease of ironing large items like bedding?

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I have one and I like it, however it is smaller and not the greatest for ironing large items likes sheets.
The ironing board covers are hard to find. The last few years I've found them at Lowes

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Thanks chloe45 for your response. I think I'll stick with free standing as size is important.

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I have one too, and I agree with Chloe45. It's not as big as a regular ironing board.

But I love it. I'll gladly give up the extra surface space for the convenience of a built-in. It's so easy to take down, use, and put right back up. And I don't have to worry about finding a good place to store my ironing board!

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I have one w/space for the iron, lint remover and sprays.
It does have electric and a light. I LOVE IT !!! I had a basic one at my last house and even for the extra money, I could not live w/o it....
I iron as I wear, so I use it at least 4 x a week. I would go nuts if I had to drag the board and iron out that many times for just a touch up or a pair of jeans....

I rarely do large pieces and if I have to, I just put a chair to hold the ends off the floor. I iron way more small things than large.

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I can't really say I prefer one over the other all around. When it comes down to certain types of ironing, I find it helps to have both types of iron.

I use the stand up iron board for larger items like sheets and the smaller built in model for smaller items like dress shirts, pants, etc.

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I guess it's a tradeoff between convenience and size.

Our house (13+ years) has a built-in. It is smaller. However, I don't iron frequently. When I do, it's to iron for same-day wear. Usually a single item or two.

When I'm sewing, especially if I'm ironing fabric to prep for cutting, I need a bigger surface and I will pull out my old ironing board. I keep it in a closet upstairs but only for sewing.

I even use the built-in for the tablecloths, again, only twice a year perhaps.

The convenience of the built-in outweighs the size issue all but once or twice a year for me. If pressed (pun intended), I could give away my traditional board and live with only the built-in.

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I ironed on a built-in ironing board for years when I was my mom's unpaid maid. It had its advantages, mainly convenience.

As an adult I prefer a stand-up ironing board, though sturdy ones are getting harder to find. Generally speaking, the older the board, the better.

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