Geothermal filter

fairway7June 22, 2011

We just built a house and I need to replace the filter of our Geothermal unit. I have e-mailed the manufacturer to find out what we should use, however, they just said to use the same type of filter that the unit came with. I have looked everywhere online and cannot find a 16 x 30 x 1 fiberglass filter except for a company that makes a PDA type (here is what they say: Disposable panel filters are rigidly constructed using a progressively dense PolyStrand� media to maximize dust holding capacity. Two metal grids are thermally bonded to the internal sides of a heavy-duty, one-piece craftboard frame to maintain the media's integrity under adverse operating conditions)

Does anyone know if that will work or if I should get pleated filters instead? Thank you!

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How about this?

Here is a link that might be useful: Home Depot

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Pleated filters are the easiest to find , offer good filtration of smaller particles helping you to maintain a clean coil...go pleated (MERV8) and change montly.

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I recently bought a home with geo thermal heatling I'm experience problems with te water coming into the house via a filteration system. IT becomes necessary to bleed the water filtering system to remove sediment (it appears to be a fine mica) after removing it the system will run for 6 weeks then shut down again. Is there a specific watering system I should use

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