Dryer Belt Tensioning Issue

formularossJanuary 2, 2013

Maytag Dryer, model LDE8506ACE

Replaced the two (rear) drum rollers, two (front) drum slides, and the belt. I did reverse the drum, which the manual says shouldn't make a difference. I didn't like the way the belt positioned/tensioned - the return side of the belt was awfully close to the belt passing over the drive pulley, but I went ahead and returned the dryer to service. Sure enough, after a few weeks, the drum stopped turning and the belt is shredded and broken.

I had kept the old belt, which was operating fine before the above work was done. I have installed the old belt and the belt position/tension is even worse than what I describe above - the return side of the belt is up against the drive pulley/belt and also is running against the cutout in the metal guard around the tensiner pulley - it will start to shred immediately if I start running this way. Have double and triple checked the belt routing per the manual and it is correct.

What is wrong? Could the rollers (non-OEM) have been undersize and allowed the drum to take a lower position, thus screwing up the belt tensioning? (I have looked at new rollers on-line, with the images laid over a grid with 1" spacing, and the diameter of my pulleys look almost identical to new dimensions.) Now that the non-OEM rollers have been running, could they have worn some and dropped the drum even more?

I can't run the dryer with this issue, it has to be solved before I can run it and know that it won't immediately break down. Please help! Thanks, Rick

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The drum should be 180* reversible without a problem. Do a search for "maytag dryer belt" or similar terms to find pictures of how the belt is routed. Sometimes it's not intuitive how to loop it around the idler and motor pulley, and graphics on included instructions sometimes aren't clear. Most dryer belts have the grooved side against the drum, but IIRC Maytag has it reversed in one of their designs such that the flat side is against the drum but the grooved side fits into the motor pulley.

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