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kiki_thinkingOctober 8, 2012

I love to take photos, and people often ask to look thru my event photos or to have copies of photos I've taken of them. I'm always pleased to be asked and happy to share, but I'm not a professional, I don't charge, and the volume of requests is getting a little hard to keep up with.

For example, I took photos on the first day of school, and I took photos at a sailing regatta last weekend. I'd like to find a way that i could post a link on the regatta website so that the regatta people could get online and look at photos of their boats and of everyone else's, and download good resolution the boat pictures that they want for themselves and their various newsletters. But I don't want all those acquaintances to also be able to see and dl the photos I took (with permissions) of my daughter's class. I want to be able to allow just the parents access to the kids photos. I also have been asked to take photos at church events, I'd like to make those photos available to church members but not the general public.

Does anyone use a program that works like this? any suggestions would be much appreciated!

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You can use any photo sharing website like photo bucket, shutterfly, etc. You can create albums for each event and then password protect the albums. For something public, like the regatta, you wouldn't need to password protect it if you don't want to, but you could for personal things, like events at your children's school. Then you can send an email to the class, include the link and the password.

I've done this before. We rent out our house for a local "tourist" event so people like to see pictures of the house in advance. I have a password protected album that I will send them a link to so that they can only see those photos.

With a site like shutterfly.com (there are many but I'm drawing a blank right now!), the people you are sharing the album with can upload any pictures they want to their own account and have them printed right from the website and sent to them.

I hope that answers your questions.

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I really like the updated version of Flickr. They've made it fast & easy to upload batches of photos, the photo quality is excellent, it's easy to paste a variety of photo sizes into GW or other web sites, & the Android app is great for viewing the pictures on a phone (I assume there's a similar app for iPhones). They have the usual protections for blocking unwanted viewers, plus the ability to block anyone from finding your photos in a public search.

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Thanks guys! Going to go mess with those now!

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