Whirlpool 4.3-cu ft High-Efficiency Front-Load WFW88HEAC -

orthomomJanuary 26, 2014

We just replaced our Kenmore HE3T after just under 10 years of vigorous use (family of 7). We found a good price here at Lowe's Canada for the Whirlpool


(only we paid around $1,000)

We have a little under 30 days now to decide whether or not to purchase the 5 year $140 extended warranty. We have *never* purchased appliance warranties before, but for some reason I have a feeling I should bite the bullet this time...these high tech controls feel a bit "delicate"....why do I feel that if something can go wrong, it will?

I realize that manufacturers are a money maker for those who sell them...but bearing in mind the "higher than average" number/size of wash loads, I wonder if I should invest in this "peace of mind"....does anyone here have experience with the extended warranties at Lowes Canada? I read elsewhere that a lot of people have had trouble actually getting what they think they paid for with respect to these warranties (in the U. S. ).

Appliances aren't what they used to be....with less than 10 years in a new house, we have already had to replace the fridge, dishwasher and washing machine....I'm expecting further break-downs shortly in the appliances that are left, so this is why I am considering this warranty.

I did read some troubling stories about the Whirlpool washing machines on this forum (and this one that I bought was supposedly 2nd, next to the Maytag Maxima).

I would appreciate any thoughts/advice.

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I've availed myself of the extended warranty several times with my Samsung FL washer. It's already paid for itself. Same thing with the warranty for my DW. Stuff seems to break more now that it has so much electronics in it.

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Hello, this is kind of amazing as I have the same exact washer, it's the same age and I'm also considering the WFW 88HEAW as our next washer when this current Kenmore breaks down. I've heard good and bad about this washer but out of all the front load washers that I've researched it seemed the best out of the lot. I would probably get the extended warranty also as it seems most of the appliances these days are not very reliable. Starting to think that maybe the Speed Queen top load washer might be a better choice. I'm a little skeptical though as it isn't very energy efficient and the tub capacity is not very big??

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