Left-side dryer, right-side washer

acreed4January 24, 2009

I'm a little overwhelmed by the vast selection of front-loading washers and electric dryers.

Can anyone help me find front-loading washers and dryers configured (or with reversible doors) to sit side-by-side with the dryer on the left and the washer on the right? I would really like a steam dryer.

It seems that nearly all of the W/D sets are configured to sit in the opposite arrangement (washer on left, dryer on right) so the doors open away from each other. However, with the configuration of my dryer exhaust and plumbing (supply + drain), I really need the left-side dryer configuration.


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Most of the Euro brands can be configured this way. I actually think this is how my Miele is configured. Miele and Asko also sell models that you used to be able to reconfigure the doors. I don't know if Miele does this any more but Asko still does.
Another option is to reconfigure the plumbing and the water hookup.
Good luck!

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The only brand that allows you to change the washer door is the new Electrolux model. I believe all the dryers let you swap the door. The only thing with the Electrolux is they are priced fixed. So unless they are doing some kind of rebate the price "is what it is".

Mine are set-up the way you describe. My old Maytag FL Neptune allows you to reverse the door. For my new set, that is suppose to be delivered in a couple of weeks, I plan on swapping them.

I am going to buy longer braided metal hoses for the supply lines. Personally you should always buy the better metal hoses. Cheap insurance against busted lines. Then I am going to purchase an extension hose for the drain. I am hoping with the pedestal that the hose will be long enough since it will basically be 15 inches off the ground. However, my hose connections are on the right hand side of the washing unit. So I will have a extender hose, just in case.

For the dryer I'll just purchase a new exhaust hose, which they require for installation. And they also require a new electrical hookup plug. I'll just get the six foot opposed to the four foot.

So re-look at your hookups. It may not be that hard to swap the placement of the units.

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I should have been more specific. The only brand I've seen is the Electrolux. The brands Homepro is talking about I didn't pursue in my quest for a new washer/dryer. I think the Electrolux also has a steam dryer.

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We have a similar situation: water supply and drain on the right and dryer exhaust on the left. We purchased a LG set a year ago. As others have stated, the dryer door is reversible, so we have it opening from right to left. The washer door is fixed, also opening from right to left. Yes, it would have been a bit more convenient if the washer door opened left to right, but after using them for a week or two, we don't even think about the doors. (We previously had a top-loader washer.) I would say that, unless you go for that Electrolux previously mentioned, I would just make sure that your dryer has reversible doors, then make your selection based mainly on performance, reliability and price considerations. Having to go around that washer door has turned out to be an almost meaningless inconvenience to us, but that's not to say that such an arrangement might be unsatisfactory to others. And yes, you'll always have that options of either running longer hoses and vents or reconfiguring your hookups. Good luck!

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All Miele laundry appliances are configured for the washer to be on the right and the dryer on the left. That is, the washer has the door hinge on the right side, and the dryer door hinge is on the left.

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The Speed Queen Washer hinge is on the right side.
They may be reversible.

ATS Series FL Rear Control
CTS Series FL Front Control

Speed Queen Washers

Speed Queen Frontload Washer CTSA0AWN Installation Instructions

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My laundry closet has the washer plumbing on the right and the gas connection and vent on the left. I have an LG front loader set that my son gave me. The washer is on the left and came with long enough hoses to do this. We did have to extend the vent hose and gas hose to put the dryer on the right. It works fine. But can someone tell me why they have designed them this way when every house I've ever seen or lived in has the washer on the right?

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Good question. I wouldn't be surprised if it had something to do with the distance between the wheels of Roman chariots.

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Bluesbarby, you have just been getting the luck of the draw. The builders try to place where there is the shortest run for the dryer. And they also take in consideration the shortest run for plumbing. Plumbing, especially copper, would win out over dryer venting. The washer is usually situated by the sink. Again, plumbing costs. Before with top loads it didn't really make much of a difference. And most dryers were either the shelf door or you could reverse the swing. The builders are just going to have to get with the times.

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FWIW, my Maytag Bravos dryer has a reverible door. The washer is a top loading HE, so it's irrelevant. I was in the same situation as you. Frustrating.

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Housefairy: The point is since the builders have set it up this way why did the FL manufacturers do the opposite?

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in my Milwaukee, Wisconsin (full) basement, the utilty tub is in the left corner, next to that is the washer,
then the dryer (on an outside wall) vent goes up & out the wall ....

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Bluesbarby I'm just saying for whatever reason you have gotten the same set-up. In my last home it was set with the washer on the left. And that house was built in the early 80's. Again, it was the shortest setup for the plumbing.

The one prior to that had the washer on the right. There was a bath directly behind the wall. So the plumbing wasn't the issue. The outside wall was on the left. Thus the dryer was on the left.

The first place we had, the washer was on the left. Again the plumbing was closest on the left.

Every little cost is scrutinized by the builder.

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Dryers should always be located for the shortest, most-direct route to outside venting, regardless of which of the washer/dryer pair ends up on left/right.

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I usually see the washer on the left and dryer to the right in this area for some reason. Mine is situated with the laundry tubs in the middle of the wall, and on the far wall to the left is the dryer vent. For me, the old Maytag opened from the right to the left as I recall, but the Frigidaire opened from the left to the right. This wasn't a big problem since I turned them both a bit so the fronts of the machines were about 45° to each other. Then opening the dryer opened against the washer, I'd stand in front of the door/washer and transfer the clothes and of course just put a laundry basket in front of the dryer to pull the clothes out. Now my dryer has a hamper door and is on a platform so I fold the clothes on the door and put them into baskets and take it upstairs.

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Our laundry room was configured to have the washer on the right and the dryer on the left. But as others mentioned, the opposite set up is more convenient with most front loading sets. We just switched the machines, and installed the washer on the left and dryer on the right. All hoses and cords reached just fine. Do some measuring and hopefully yours may also.

I recall most old top loading models also being designed for the washer on the left. But many builders never got it.

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In my lifetime I've moved 28 times. The washer was always on the right. But that's not the point. I'm just wondering why manufacturers don't offer both options. They allow you to change out the dryer doors but that's worthless if your washer has to be on the right. We did switch them around but it meant leaving clearance behind the washer and dryer so the vent hose would curve correctly. That means my bifold door on the laundry closet scrapes across the front of the dryer door. Oh and my vent goes out the roof since the laundry area is in the middle of the house. Right or left would not have made a difference to the contractor.

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> They allow you to change out the dryer doors but that's worthless if your washer has to be on the right

They allow you to change the Dryer Door so they both open the same direction when stacked

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My laundry room is set up with the dryer on the left. I'm glad to see I'm not the only one. I think this makes things more complicated than I wanted them to be!

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dgmarie, I'm with you. My first house had the dryer on the right but the last three have all had the dryer on the left. Maybe it's because I'm right handed, but I'd like to go left to right when switching the loads. Also, the dryer door, which is a Maytag and opens to the right (and can't be switched) is always in the way. My theory has always been that builders are men and thus don't do the laundry. The best model home I was ever in was designed by a woman and the dryer was on the right!

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I am so disappointed in the front load washer and dryers.After purchasing a set I was unaware that the dryer had to be on the right and washer on the left.Unless I spent alot of money remodeling it would not of worked.I went back to Sears told them how my set up was in laundry room and he said on the LG's you can reverse the doors only on the dryer.I would still have the washer door problem unless you empty into a basket.They let me exchange for The Kenmore Elite top load washer with dryer that the door opens top down, does the same as the front loaders and actually does more.I am back to the top load washer but I am more than pleased.It too was extra capacity,had water sensor,Steam,clothes rack.My problem was solved without alot less back pain and I saved myself alot of money.

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It is obvious that the engineers who are designing washers and dryers have never done a load of laundry in their lives. Why do they assume all houses are built with the plumbing on the left and the vent on the right? Rather difficult to switch this so why not offer washers that open the other way? Architects and engineers need to do more research before building.

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Check this link at Sears.
It shows they sell both an Electrolux and a Kenmore Elite model with reversible washer doors.
Apparently there is also supposed to be a certain LG washer that has a reversible door, but I can't find it.
If you can live with compact washers and dryers, you can get Miele that opens the opposite way by default or Asko washers.

At Sears, I would lean towards the Kenmore Elite rather than Electrolux because many user reviews say the Electrolux washers are not very durable or high quality.
I really want a quiet washer, but I'm not sure the reversible door Kenmore Elite is one of their quieter models.

Does anyone have any knowledge of more choices of reversible door front load washers in 2013? Which current LG model has the reversible washer door?

Here is a link that might be useful: http://www.sears.com/search=washer+reversible+door?

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"Which current LG model has the reversible washer door?"

LG's web site should give this information with each model's description.

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Yes, they "should," but they don't.
They "should" have a way to search a sort them by feature, but door reversibility is not a searchable to sort-able feature when browsing through washers on their site.
You can sort by colors and capacity.

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