Wilsonart Oiled Soapstone Laminate

missymartinJanuary 29, 2008

I love this website! I have been reading everyones post's everyday for the last year and I am addicted!!! That said, I was hoping for some help.

My DH and I have finally started our 'minor' DIY reno of our 1940's kitchen. Our budget has restricted the countertop material to laminate and I think I might go with the Wilsonart Oiled Soapstone. Has anyone used this specific color? Do you love it? If you do have this product installed in your kitchen, would you pls. post a picture? I did a google search and did not find anything installed except on the Wilsonart website. I really wanted to see it in a 'real kitchen'. The only decision we have made to date is that we will have white, painted cabinets. Maybe a tile floor (something that will not show dirt w/darkish grout), and maybe white, subway tile backsplash. Thanks!

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I don't have this, but Wilsonart makes a very good product. I had a Wilsonart laminated floor. Laminates are very good these days and if it looks anything like soapstone, you will end up with a stunning kitchen.

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Thanks Fran! I have the sample chip of the laminate sitting on top of my two sample pieces of real soapstone and the color is identical when the stone is oiled. I do realize that there is no way that any type of veining is in the laminate, but it satisfies my want for dark counters for a lot less money-which is what our minor Reno is all about! Would still love to hear about anyones experience using this color!

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I don't have it either, but I have ordered the large samples of two of the Wilsonart soapstone colors - the sable and the green. They both are very atrractive. I'm leaning toward the sable because it goes best with my floor tile choice and the warm feel I'd like in my kitchen. I think there is one poster here who is in the process of her remodel and was planning on using the sable soapstone. I think her name is canuckgal (or something close to that). I'm hoping she will post pictures when she's done so we can all get a look.

Those putting in laminate counters here are definitely in the minority. Like you, we're on a budget so laminate is our likely choice. On top of that, though, I've always had laminate and it's never failed me. I love that it's durable, low maintenance, and affordable. Plus, with these new great colors you don't have to sacrifice style either.

Good luck!

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I have a sample of both the oiled soapstone and the sable soapstone sitting right here in front of me. We have to go with laminate as well for budget purposes and I just *love* how easy it is to keep up for someone as messy as me. When I saw the soapstone line I loved all of them. I think I am going with the sable soapstone since the warmer tones will go better with my flooring, but I do love the look of the oiled. They are are gorgeous! I have not been able to see pics of this laminate in a real kitchen wither so I will be sure to post once it is installed (measuring is being done on the 6th!)

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We are using laminate countertops in our kitchen too! And we're going with the basalt slate (Formica), which I think looks a LOT like soapstone. It has the matted black look with some of the veining in it.

It was between the WA oiled soapstone and the Formica Basalt Slate and we decided on the basalt slate. Home Depot has it in stock, so you can see what it looks like on a large slab. We have to custom order it for a different edging and we don't want the backsplash.

Good luck!

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I've been planning on using Soapstone for my kitchen but as we get further into the build that may have to change. I have samples of Soapstone, Wilsonart Oiled Soapstone, and Formica Basalt Slate. I think the Basalt Slate looks more like Soapstone, so it is on my list as an alternative.

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Another affirmative vote for it (and I am also sitting here looking at samples.) :) We will be using this in our laundry/mudroom. Sorry I don't have any pictures to share yet, but if anyone out there already has it installed, I'd love to see 'em! Jaymie

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Thanks so much to everyone! I will definately check out the Basalt Slate, online and also at Home Depot, it sounds great. I'll let you know/Missy

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Hello fellow laminate people

Re: Basalt Slate & Oiled Soapstone

could y'all maybe describe these colors in a bit more detail - is the black more of a blue black or a warm black?

I'm looking for more of a "warm" black and I find sometimes blacks can be very blue.

There was another one I was considering - Wilsonart ebony fusion - not exactly soapstone but a similar kind of effect.

I ordered a larger sized sample of sable soapstone (can do this from wilsonart website) & thought it was very nice, its definitely a brown but with very rich dark gray/mauve tones. I may use it w/ my cream cabinets - it contrasted nicely but without being a real heavy black.

Decisions decisions... doesn't help either that colors change so much depending on the light & what mood your in!


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kat- I'd say they are both "warm" blacks, but I think the Basalt Slate has a bit more movement (which is what I want in Soapstone). The Wilsonart felt a little "flat" to me, (at least in the sample that I have).

I do think thay are both good alternatives to Soapstone, it is all a matter of personal preference.


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I agree with Jen. Both are very warm blacks, and the Basalt just seems to have a little more "something" to it, which is why I liked it so much.

It's all what pleases YOUR eye!

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I think the Wilsonart's Soapstone line is pretty new, which is why there aren't photos around to look at. There have been past threads with photos of the Basalt Slate, which I just tried to find for you, but either they're too old, or, maybe they're one of the casualties of the changes they've been making to the Gardenweb site. I thought the Basalt Slate was a bit more of a true soapstone look, but maybe it just depends on the soapstone you've seen!

Kat, have you looked at Formica's Labrador Granite? It's mostly black, with dark brown and cream. It was my favorite when I was planning on dark counters...The overall black look, but brownish and warmer.

Here is a link that might be useful: Formica Labrador Granite

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I was looking at both the basalt slate and Wilsonart soapstone and went with the soapstone. I put it in our laundry room. Please ignore my poor choice of backsplash (a quick decision that I knew was wrong, but had to have something for the tile guy to do; it is coming out), but here it is. You can see more photos on my blog.

I love it. It looks pretty close to real soapstone. It is a blue black, but not so much blue. More gray, than blue.

Here is a link that might be useful: Laundry room

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I have to say I have always been happy with the various laminates I've had in my kitchen(s). Such easy clean up, and they've all worn well for me.

Probably the main reason I'm drawn toward other counter materials is that I would love to have an undermount sink. Otherwise, I think, with careful selection, you can have a very attractive, easy maintenance counter using laminate.

I still haven't ruled it out all together, and my DH thinks it would be a good choice for our current kitchen.

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No pictures of what you are looking for, just some encouragment re: laminate. I am really enjoying my newly installed Formica counters. I chose a dark colour(cocoa leather in a lightly textured surface) but had samples of Basalt Slate and oiled soapstone as well as others. They were all beautiful!. We had our counters installed without a return at the back, and I think this will look great when the backsplash is in place. Enjoy your laminate!

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I am curious-can someone tell me approx how much some of these newer laminates like the soapstone and basalt slate cost per square foot?

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Hi! Vizalalover-We were quoted approx. $3.00 s/f for the sheet material only on the Oiled Soapstone. I'm pretty I was quoted $15 s/f w/labor, but it was a while ago, so I'm not 100% sure. My DH is installing it so we just have to pay for the material.
Minnt-Thanks for posting the pictures, it looks really good. I'll check out your blog tomorrow when I have more time.
Jenanla-I checked out the Basalt Slate online and it is great! I love that it does have movement with the addition of some white in it. I think I might end up liking that more than the Oiled Soapstone. I ordered a sample. Thanks for that info.
Jazzmine-Do you have pictures posted on the FKB? Does your backsplash go behind the counter? My DH and I were just talking about a return at the back and were wondering what to do.
Sailaway-I so hear you about wanting an undermount sink-oh, not to have to take a knife to dig out the buildup of scum and crumbs. Someday!

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Jazzmine, your countertop sounds lovely. Can you (or anyone who has a textured countertop) answer this -- does the textured surface catch stuff? E.g. if there's flour on the countertop and you wipe w/ a damp cloth, will gluey remnants get stuck in the texture? I'm concerned about ease of cleanup (and need to be -- we seem to get gunk built up on our existing smooth countertops, even though I'm constantly wiping).


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Here's Basalt Slate:

View of square edge:

And from a distance:

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Scootermom -- I have one of the textured laminates installed (Wilsonart HD Deepstar Fossil). It's not an issue at all for clean up. It's really not a lot more different then the texture of an orange, no deep grooves or anything.

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I am so thrilled to be amongst the "laminate lovers" LOL I have a ziploc bag full of samples; I think it is becoming an illness......but I haven't seen the soapstone yet! I can't wait to get a sample!!! So far my choice is leaning towards a matte finish like Formica Alaskan Slate. I love abbycat9990's countertop!!!

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Just wanted to post this link of a company (V-T Industries) that does custom edges on laminate counters. I believe I originally saw a brochure for them at Lowes. This picture is of the Barcelona edge done with Formica Indian Slate. I have no idea how much they charge for this, but I did find it interesting.


Here is a link that might be useful:

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I second what Cordovamom said about the textured surface not being an issue. I haven't had any problems cleaning it at all. Even things like pastry, flour, etc. come up easily. I chose it because my laminate is fairly uniform in colour (although not entirely) and I wanted to add some texture. I did really like the Deepstar Fossil - I bet it looks great.
Missymartin, the laminate counter we replaced had a 4" return and we did not have a backsplash. The new backsplash tile will eventually sit on top of the laminate, rather than go behind it. I like the look without the return so much, even without the backsplash, that I feel comfortable waiting for the right tile, rather than rushing to finish it. I don't have pictures on the KFB. For one thing, the kitchen is not done yet. Some days it feels like it never will be! Still working at finishing the paint, lighting, window treatment, etc. Also I'm not really comfortable posting pictures here. I've read too many posts complaining of "another boring brown kitchen". Mine is brown and white and cream and taupe with some sparkle too and I love it, but... I'm not that thick skinned. But I would be happy to email a shot of the counter if you would like.
Towgoto, I can relate, I had to pull my sample out of my ziploc bag to remember the name!!

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My ziploc bag won't close any more...Too full!...And I think I already threw away as many samples as I still have. It's a sickness... ;-D If it weren't for the little holes, I could do a nifty laminate patchwork somewhere!

Part of my Pionite laminate kitchen counters are on and I'm loving how they look. I first thought I wanted a soapstone/dark granite look, but changed the whole vision and ended up going for a concrete look instead. I was sorry to give up the honed texture Formica offers...I think it's great. We have some of the Riverwash texture laminate in the laundry room and I really like it, too. I wouldn't want to use it for a writing surface, but I think it'd be fine for the kitchen.

One of the best days of our build was when I realized I didn't need to 'do better' and could just have laminate counters, like I always have, and that I've always been perfectly happy with. I won't miss cleaning the grout lines of tile, I won't miss stone, since I've never had it...and I sure won't miss the increase in our mortgage payment it would have caused! Nice to find all you laminate fans.

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My daughter & her fiance recently updated their condo by painting the oak cabs white, adding new hardware and installing Wilsonart SS laminate to replace the old faux butcher block counters.
I don't think there are any "before" pics, but I will try to get an "after."
She loved the look of my real SS, but it was not in the budget. They've transformed their place and love their new laminate.

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Thanks so much for the picture Abbycat-I really like the Basalt Slate and your kitchen is beautiful! Jazzmine, I get what you're saying about your backsplash so I don't need a visual and your kitchen sounds great-the only thing that matters is that you love it and it works for you and your family! Mine will be 'another white kitchen with dark counters and subway tile'-just what I want!

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This is not quite answering your original question, but perhaps it will be helpful anyway. Here is another vote for laminate. We chose to have Wilsonart HD Raven Gemstone laminate installed. It does have a textured surface but is easy to clean.

Three of our friends recently had granite countertops installed and I can honestly say that I am no more impressed with their granite tops than I am with our laminate top.

Here is a link that may help: //picasaweb.google.com/PicasaGillmore/2008Kitchen

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Hello Abbycat:

I really love your bar stools, do you remember where you got them?


Ps., your kitchen is beautiful.

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side note: abbycat: those hanging lights! So mcm! Love them. Where did you get them?

Other side note: I considered a lot of laminates, acquired a *massive* library of laminate samples...guess what--when I was done, I happened to see a "wanted" post on freecycle for laminate samples--someone cuts them up and uses them for mosaic! Gave them all to her, except for a few my DD wanted to keep "to do things with"...encouraging the next generation of TKOers :) So those samples can have a life after their original purpose.

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flyleft: Pendants are from Ikea.

Zami: Stools came from http://www.homedecoratorsoutlet.com/ Unfortunately that color and style are out of stock now. Good source, so check it out.

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zami, your counters are lovely.

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New to this website-glad to find some great tips. After seeing the textured soapstone slate laminate, I'm a believer - my search for "affordable granite" has ended. Abbycats, thanks for the pics - they led me on yet another online journey and the decision for slate soapstone has been made.

This is my problem. Genanla, I must have that ogee edge you gave as a link. But the price is out of my budget.

QUESTION: I've seen ogee-shaped molding added to counters and the change is beautiful. But can you cover it with the matching slate-colored laminate in this odd shape? I've seen the wood trim and it's not for me. If I painted it to try and match the slate color, which may be hard to match, would this look too "soapstone"-like? I've looked at other laminate colors with black as a background color -then painting is much easier to match than slate. Any other ideas to get this ogee-edge look "as one" with the laminate counter? I have been looking for so long and can't believe what has happened to laminate technology - never thought to check and so glad I found you all.

As a contrast, I was thinking of real slate/soapstone in subway pattern up to cabinets (stuck with white formica). Would there be a way to edge the counter in real slate soapstone or tie in the ogee edging with the soapstone backsplash? Any ideas, please, need HELP! And I agree with you all - I have not been impressed with most of the granite I've seen, unless it's one of the exotics. Oh, don't get me started checking my bills and bank account again, my roof is leaking! Honestly, your time in responding is very much appreciated, thank you.

P.S. If my post came out twice, or combined, had some trouble getting the hang of this.

Here is a link that might be useful: RE: Wilsonart Oiled Soapstone Laminate

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Frozen- Sorry that you love the edge I posted and it is out of your budget. I have not priced it myself, but I did originally see the brochure at Lowes. Perhaps their pricing would be reasonable or you could use a Lowes or Home Depot coupon (10% off).

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jenanla, tks - 10% will help. Honestly, I feel bad for the many people caught up in kitchen remodeling-"must have granite" craze who spend the average of 20K on the whole kitchen, only to look at it every morning with regret,thinking of their credit card balance, or the bad news on a home loan application. It's just not worth it in these uncertain times. Give me peace of mind anytime and practical, really attractive laminate counters that can be changed when this economic slump ends. Yes, I'd love Kraftmaid cabinets, but I'll stick with white formica refaced in the newer European look, and keep on switching to 0% credit cards so I can eliminate my debt and sleep well.

Off to search for lighting now - how in the world am i going to update those long, flourescent lights surrounded by those wrinkled plastic pieces (do you know that 80's style?) tks, again, lo

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Here are some photos you may enjoy---I have my heart set on soapstone--but we are too early in the process to know if my budget will support it. I got my giant Wilsonart Oiled Soapstone laminate sample in the mail today. One of these photos is of an actual soapstone sample from Vermont Soapstone. The other picture is of the Wilsonart product. Pretty impressive, I think. Certainly laminate and soapstone have different properties but if it's the "look" of soapstone that you're really after rather than the other notable soapstone qualities (feel, weight, durability) I think the Wilsonart product is closer than some of the other side by side comparisons I've made (Formica, Corian, Silestone, etc.)

p.s. the spoon just helps the camera focus and avoid a white spot in the middle.

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Sheesh--the pics were so close I confused myself! Sorry-here's picture number two. The two pics above are of the same sample! :)

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I got my Wilsonart Oiled Soapstone sample in the mail and it's just loverly -- looks just like I want my stone to look with the added benefit of not having to worry about the vagaries of a natural stone product (too many threads around here complaining about cloudy/blotchy counters and visible seams) for a much better price. I'm going to look into a nicer edge that won't show a seam. :-)

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I just purchased discontinued lights from 2 online companies and saved a ton. Full retail was $1200.00

I got (2) 5-arm chandeliers and (3) 3-arm chandeliers from www.progresslightingoutlet.com

I also got (15) wall sconces (also progress lighting brand) from www.lampsplus.com

My total spent was $485.00 including shipping from Progress Lighting Outlet. Shiping from Lamps Plus was free.

I recieved both orders in under a week.

Good Luck

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We have warm honey oak cabinets, which are pretty grainy, and installed Armstrong's Apollonia Gold tile on the floor, which is green and pretty textured looking. We wanted a dark countertop and all the granites, besides being out of our budget were just too busy. We are installing the Wilsonart Soapstone Green and will post pics when completed. Formica didn't have the right shade, and I'm a fan of laminates.

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Does anyone have any pictures of their finished "soapstone " laminate counters?

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