Can I use a small room air condioner

brerJune 3, 2012

in a sliding window by taking the side wings off and somehow mounting it to some plywood.

Has anyone done this?

Any tips?

It's a high window, so I don't want it falling on anyone.



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Would anyone know if my old 1980 Rheem High Eff. X Classic air would have PCB's in the compressor oil?


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I did that with a conventional window aircon years ago. IIRC, I used a sheet of 1/2" ply sized to essentially replace the one sliding half of the window. I framed in the aircon unit at the bottom of the whole mess with 2x4 lumber, straddling the window frame so the aircon's weight rested (through the lumber) on the brick the window was set in.

Big downside was that it was really ugly, and obscured half the light and view from the window. Probably not too secure against burglars, either. But it kept me cool in a hot Virginia summer.

Don't forget that most window units need to be pitched down a bit at the back for condensation drainage, and build accordingly.

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I can buy a new one for $350. But I'm a little leery of it. There must be some reason they don't make very many of them. There are a lot of sliding windows. Is it because it's dangerous--maybe more easy for the unit to fall out?
I'm just a little nervous about putting anything out a sliding window now.
I'm thinking that the window frame sliding down on the AC would hold it in place better than the sliding door would.
? ??

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They make universal brackets for helping distribute weight on window ac's. They mount to the outside wall and fairly easy to install. Then you won't have the worry of it falling.

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