Whirlpool TL Washer Agitator

PatJanuary 4, 2010

This may not be the Forum for this question (seems like I was referred to a plumbing-type forum for another question a while ago) but let's see how you feel about this. I have a Whirlpool TL Washer agitator that sounds and looks loose during wash. I tried pulling it out to no avail, I tried pushing it down and it won't budge. I once took the fab softener cup off to clean, but that was about a year ago and this just started. Before I call an appliance guy, anyone know of a magic button I can push to get it tight and secure again?


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I assume your machine has the dual-action kind of agitator with an upper spiral section that rotates separately from the base. When the softener dispenser is removed, there should be a cap that snaps down inside with a couple handles. Pull the cap upwards to remove it, and reveal a bolt that holds the agitator assembly to the drive shaft.

The spiral section is supposed to be somewhat loose. A clutch mechanism rotates the auger when the agitator base moves clockwise, and slips when the base moves counterclockwise. Grab the auger and rotate it back and forth. The clutch dogs should slip one way, and latch the other direction turning the base along. If it slips both ways, then your clutch dogs are worn. A simple DIY repair.

Note that the large o-ring on the perimeter of the cap sometimes will break when the cap is pulled out.

Note also that including a model number is helpful when asking repair questions about appliances so people answering can research relevant details.

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dadoes, I was hoping you would see my post. I am mostly a lurker on this Forum and you are so generous to help so many people. I do think it was the Appliance Forum I was directed to one time.
I will take my laptop downstairs soon and see if I can make your great directions work. If not I will give you the model number. The instant I sent this post, I KNEW I made a mistake by not including the model number. Thank you so much for answering me here.

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To clarify, there's no need to take the agitator out to check if the clutch dogs are worn ... just grab the auger and turn it back and forth to see if it slips both ways.

I helped someone via e-mail recently who had broken the clutch cam on her agitator when she tried to remove it the wrong way. She replaced the clutch dogs, but didn't realize the cam was broken (the auger wouldn't stay anchored on the base, kept falling off). Pics sent via e-mail are a huge aid to diagnosing problems from afar! :-)

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Hi again, dadoes. Yup, the clutch dogs are worn (if indeed those little levers that pop out around the rim are clutch dogs). They will not stop me from turning the auger both ways.

The model number is Whirlpool LSN 1000 LW. Are you saying I can fix this myself?


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Are you saying I can fix this myself?Absolutely, if you have the required tools - a ratchet wrench and 7/16' socket with a long extension to reach down into the auger for removing the bolt.

Here's a link to a parts diagram at an online source I generally use. The four dogs are available, or there's a more complete 'repair kit' that includes several other items.

There's a disparity in the parts descriptions. The dogs description references to use a complete kit with a 'medium' cam ... but the kit listed above it is a 'short' cam kit. Likely the short cam is correct. The cam is the piece at the top of the grouped items outlined as #9. There are three cam sizes (short, medium, & long) used on these dual-action agitators.

You may need only the dogs, depending on if any of the other items are worn enough to need replacement. The complete kit should include #9, #22, #24 (o-ring for the cap, but not the cap itself) & #26 (rubber washer for the bolt, but not the bolt itself).

Here is a link that might be useful: Agitator Parts Diagram

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Dear, dear dadoes, you've got to be kidding. ME? Do this? No way. I am a 68-year-old woman who is not about to lean how to do these complicated repairs now. I will pay to have our appliance repair man come in to do it. First off, I would lose my temper at attempting to understand the directions that would come with this kit, then I would lose my temper trying to use the parts in the kit, then I would lose my temper and yell at my husband for yelling at me for not calling in our appliance repair guy. I'm too old to even want to do DIY things. I deserve NOT to have to do these things simply because I don't want to. That is what my hard-earned retirement money is for.

I thank you with all my heart, because now when I call this guy, I am going to say, "Jeff, my clutch dogs are worn in my washer." That's going to bowl him over. I came upstairs from doing your test in the washer and said to my husband, "Yep, the clutch dogs are worn," and he just stared at me, wondering how the hell I figured that out. So THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR YOUR KIND GENEROSITY, DADOES!!!!

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I did the same repair job on my Whirlpool washer in about 20 minutes flat. It was one of the easiest things to do ever.

Did the repair man come by? What did he say? I'd like to know because this is a simple and cheap repair. But the repair man may just tell you that your machine is over 10 years old and it's time for a replacement and walk out.

You may want to tell him it's your agitator dogs that are worn. The clutch is underneath the washer on the transmission shaft. He may think you are talking about that one!

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I received an e-mail via GardenWeb contact from "smajohn" referencing this thread. I cannot reply to the message -- the return addy is that of GardenWeb's anonymous e-mail service. So in reply ....

Yes, the problem is your agitator dogs. The clothes mover is normally somewhat loose/wobbly. The dogs if working properly will engage and turn the agitator base when the auger is turned counterclockwise. The auger slips on the base in the clockwise direction. Conversely, during normal operation the agitator base engages and turns the auger clockwise, the auger "slips" on the counterclockwise agitation stroke.

There are three sizes for the agitator cam: short, medium, and tall. Your LSR8233EQ1 appears to take the medium cam. The dogs themselves are identical in all cases. There also may be a thrust washer that fits atop the agitator base, under the auger. It usually wears, sometimes to the point of being nonexistant. The clutch teeth are molded into the auger and normally do not wear down.

A repair kit is available that includes the cam, cam bearing (also holds the dogs in place during reassembly), dogs, thrust washer, bolt seal, and inner cap o-ring. If all other parts are OK then you need only the dogs. However, depending if other items are worn/needed, the kit may be cheaper than getting the individual parts.

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