Lennox Elite XC13 or Carrier 24ABB336

west_exchangeJune 7, 2011

Hi everyone,

this is my first post on this forum. I'm a clueless mom of two little kids and need to replace an old AC unit that died two summers ago. I live in New England so the summers are only 2 months long, but the last two summers have been pretty hot. This year with a new baby I feel that AC is a necessity.

Here are my options:


1 Carrier 24ABB336 3.0 TON Puron Air Conditioning Unit 36000 btu 13 SEER

1 Carrier 3.0 Topn upflow coil puron

1 3 ton refrigeration line set


total price $3,950

1 year parts and labor warranty and 5 year compressor warranty


1 3.0 ton Lennox Elite 13 Condenser with a matching coil with 410 refrigerant and transitional ductwork

new refrigeration lineset

all ductwork to adapt to existing duct system

condensate pipe reconnection

reconnect condenser electric wiring included

control wiring reconnection

systems start up and test


total $4380

5 year parts 10 year compressor limited warranty

1 year labor warranty

Please advise me what you think is a better deal. I appreciate it!

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XC13 is a better unit plus has better warranty. you want the Lennox coil, not a third party evap coil.

what mdl and efficiency furnace do you have? nat gas or oil?

if you want Carrier or sister company Bryant, move away from base series and go to Comfort/Legacy 13 model with matching tin plated coil.


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Thank you very much for taking time to answer. I'm so overwhelmed because I know nothing about HVAC.
I have gas heat.
House is split level around 1800 sq ft
The furnace is I believe Trane brand and installed 6 years ago. Last summer during rebate period we were told by two different contractors that we wouldn't qualify since the furnace is not efficient enough to make the numbers work - thus we were given quotes for 13 SEER AC systems.

Thanks for the hint about brand name coil. I have no idea what coil is but I'll request it. Anything else I should know?

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I would also get a price on Trane's XR13 13 SEER AC condenser with matching Trane coil.


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Check into the warranty on the Lennox unit. An Elite series unit should have a 10 year warranty on all parts if registered with Lennox. I'll attach more information below. The Lennox is certainly a nicer unit -- the carrier 24ACB3 would be a better comparison.

Here is a link that might be useful: Lennox Warranty Information

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