Ducts in Ceiling for Heat?

ojs2005June 17, 2009

I'm getting conflicting advice - some people say that ducts for heat should be placed low as heat rises. Another person insists that it's best to have ceiling ducts because the air is blowing down.

It's of course easier to put in ceiling ducts on the 2nd and 3rd floor of my house -- but should i insist/pay extra to have extra ducts put low for heat, or is it okay to have both a/c and heat with ceiling ducts for upper floors (the first floor will have floor registers only).


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Ideally, heat would come from below and A/C would come from above. As a practical matter, you are just going to have 1 set of vents for both, so you have to pick. If you live in a climate where cooling is the primary concern, I'd stick with the ceiling vents. If you live in a cooler climate, you would need to weigh the costs vs benefits of floor registers.

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I agree with the above advice. Most of the registers in my house are on the floor, and I've had no comfort issues as a result of that to speak of. But if you think of commercial applications--restaurants, buildings, etc.--they are all on the ceiling, and I don't ever feel any noticeable difference with regards to heating with them being in the ceiling. So whichever option you go with, if done right I don't think there would be any substantial issues to worry about.

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With regards to supply and return air you want the return air registers to be opposite the supply. In other words if the supply ducts are in the ceiling you want the return ducts in the floor and vice versa. Also the supplies should blanket the outer perimeters of the space and the returns on the inner sides if the rooms. It makes for a better air flow.

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thank you

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