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DarylPJanuary 25, 2014

I have been concerned our electric bill is higher because of aging Maytag washer dryer of 20+ years of age. At times our dryer doesn't seem to heat ,just tumble. It has been working good lately. I like Speed Queens longevity but just heard of them. I don't have money to waste which is why I ask if I should replace these for newer maybe more efficient ones??? or stay with them till one dies. I consider this as I don't want to have to buy a HE in the future.

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I don't think your electric bill is higher just because of your Maytag washer and dryer of 20 + years.

Yes the washer is inefficient (as compared to today's "HE" type machines).
It's inefficient in the fact that it uses more water and the energy it takes to heat that water. It's spin speed is slower which will affect drying time and energy used to dry.
Today's "HE" will save you on water and either gas, electric, oil or propane, however you heat your water.

Speed Queen's are a very sold, reliable brand.

Speed Queen conventional top loader washers wont save you much as they still use more water than any front loader and don't spin at very high speeds.

If you want to save resources then the Speed Queen front loader would be best. These machines are not cheap though.

You might want to wait until your Maytag's die.

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Not sure if you have an electric or gas water heater. If it's electric water heater, I could see how your bills could go down. If it's a gas water heater, you might not notice any savings on the washer side as the electricity to run the motor is only like 10% of the total energy cost! heating the water is where it is at. Just running your old washer on warm with a slightly lower water setting instead of hot would likely get you most of the savings that a modern washer offers.

And although that Speed Queen top load does not spin at 300G force speeds like the front loaders, it does spin at 150G, 50% faster than that old Maytag which spins in the 560-580 rpm range, probably 100G. There is a huge difference in moisture retention in the clothes between 100G and 150G, but not so much between 150G and 300G, maybe 1 to 2 cups of water depending on load size. So if you have an electric dryer, you would save electricity, and your dry times would be shortened, probably 5 minutes at least.


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"Classic" two-belt Maytag toploaders spin at 618-620 RPM.

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. "At times our dryer doesn't seem to heat ,just tumble. It has been working good lately."

If it is an electric dryer, perhaps it needs new heating element? Dryers can last forever. My sister's dryer is 28 years old and still chugging along.

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Dadoes numbers would indicate that Maytag was closer to 120G, not as much different from 150G as a 100G machine would be.

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