Bosch to terminate 27' laundry by year end

livebetterJanuary 24, 2011

Someone posted this on another thread but I felt it deserved it's own post for anyone searching for Bosch information:

Bosch to shut down production and sale of full size laundry (27" wide) by year end, just one year after A major redesign. 27" laundry includes, 300 Series, 500 Series, 800 Series stackable washers and dryers. Bosch will continue to offer 24" laundry products. The 27" Bosch laundry were manufactured at Bosch's New Bern, NC facility, and the closure is expected to result in the loss of 100 of Bosch's 700 New Bern jobs.

Bosch plans to focus on dishwashers and invest $50 million to maintain their leadership.

But why? Bosch's first foray into 27" included an unfortunate top mounted control location which precluded stacking. This one year old redesign solved this problem. Then why exit?

â¢Launched in a recession?

â¢Too late to market so dealer floors were already covered with LG, GE, Whirlpool, Samsung full size product?

â¢A production line built for tens of thousands of units per year that couldn't be ramped down, and a product too large to be redirected to other markets?

â¢German components and US production location that could not compete on cost with Asian components and a Mexican production location.

â¢All of the above?

Link to original post:

Here is a link that might be useful: Appliance Advisor: Bosch to Exit Full Size Laundry: You Heard it Here First

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Clearly I meant 27" not 27' :)

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It's too sad as it means the NA market will lose a product that was somewhat higher end but still affordable to most people.

Maybe some good deals on the discontinued line will be available!

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To be honest I NEVER was impressed with Bosch's larger NA version machines. They seemed to be of much lower build quality compared to Miele and even to their own smaller AXXIS line (which by the way is great).

My guess is that the German made and designed AXXIS line will continue to be offered. They are smaller, but still cost almost half what Miele does.

We have one of the Bosch AXXIS WAS24460UC 24" models to wash diapers (two to three wash cycles PER DAY) and it does great. We have a Miele W4840 that has almost 4000 hours on it. We purchased it in 2007 and it has been a great machine. One service call to replace a rubber boot around the glass door that twisted slightly.

Miele is really going to have a corner on the "quality" market with their only competition in NA being Speed Queen. Speed Queen however, is not what I would consider a higher end product. They are very reliable, but have NO frills.

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Well I did it again! I bought my Danby and bingo they quick making them. Now I bought the Bosch and bingo again they are quitting as well.

I sure hope that I have as much luck with the Bosch as I did with the Danby. If so, I will be a very happy camper.

Moon1234 - you are right, Miele will have a corner on the quality market. I'd better start saving my pennies now. Like $50 a month, then in hopefully 10-15 years I'll have enough. Of course then I'll be able to downsize my washer again.

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Miele is a Bosch competitor? I looked at Asko (washers and dishwashers) but they didn't have any Bosch machines in the showroom. I guess I'd say retail presence is one reason if that's the case -- or mismatched marketing.

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I don't think it's a Miele competitor but I think people who wanted to "buy into" that German made/engineered philosphy but couldn't afford Miele thought Bosch fit the bill (I know 2 people who did exactly that).

I personally looked long and hard at Bosch but never had a great feeling about it. I didn't find the exterior build quality to be great. Things didn't move smoothly and feel as solid as even an LG did.

For that reason I ruled it out of my search and I guess I'm glad I did. Not sure what servicing it will be like 10 years down the road. I hope for the folks who own one it will be OK.

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"buy into" that German made/engineered philosophy....


I think you genuinely and sincerly need to spend time with some Miele appliances, drive and own a BMW, Mercedes, or a Porsche. Use and enjoy some W�sthof knives, enjoy the delicate, yet robust sound of a Sligh grandfather clock, use a Gaggenau coffee machine...

You will QUICKLY learn, there is no "buying into" anything. A vast majority of German engineered products are beyond amazing.

In almost all your posts, you always have a "get them" attitude towards anything German. If you are basing your views on what happened for 12 unfortunate years in Germany from 1933-1945...that is very sad and close minded. 75% of my family (German) was born after 1946 (including me!!)...and they had NOTHING to do with ONE mad man's vision and maniacal views.

There is a reason for Germany's reputation on having some of the best products in the world. Because we do!!!! :)

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I had serious misgivings about buying a German washing machine, after my VW Golf TDI experience. But it was the only choice that met my criteria, and fortunately it's been fine.

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I have had my 800 series washer and 300 series dryer for about 2 months now and love them. Of course they replaced a 15 year old Maytag set so about anything was an improvement! Seriously, I have been very impressed with the Bosch set. It is sad that that the market will lose this upper, middle end product.

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Larsi, I think as a typical German, you over analyzed what Livebetter said :)

There is in some products the "buy into" German made/engineered, just think about some car ads that emphasize on the fact that the suspension is German tuned, or that the car was heavily tested on the Nurburgring!

I would also ad this, and please take it without any offence, sometimes German engineered is over-engineered, just think about the W140 S class Benz made during the 90's, it was high tech but a lot of stuff broke down, making an amazingly engineered car undesirable after the warranty expired.

If you looked @ Livebetter's posts you probably saw that she is really undecided between the Miele's which she knows and acknowledges are built to last and run well, and the LGs which have some extra features, but she also knows they will never outlast the Mieles.

My personal opinion is the following: I prefer buying when possible a product with a good design and good quality materials. The problem when parts are outsourced to China for example is that they very often cheat on the materials. The stuff looks good and feels good at the beginning but not long after problems appear.

All in all, too bad the Full size Bosch are kicked out of the market, because they filled the spot for some people who wanted good design and quality control but just couldn't afford or justify the expense of Mieles.

South Korea has been known to do dumping in order to grab market shares and I think China does some of it also, what will happen when competition does what Bosch just did and bails out?

Just my 0.02$

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Larsi, I'm starting to think you're a little "coo coo" :)

This isn't the first time in this forum you've referenced the "Holocaust". Strange to me ...

FYI, the man who has been my step-father for 22 years (Siegfried) is GERMAN. Fled after the war as a small boy with his mother/father and 3 brothers. I knew his mother and have heard her stories. They had 3 farms they abandoned and moved here with nothing. So it's HIGHLY unlikely that some resentment over the Holocaust had anything to do with my statements (I'm not Jewish if you were insinuating that too).

Further more, you clearly didn't understand what I was saying. I wasn't putting down anything German. I was merely pointing out that I know people who would have liked to own a Miele but couldn't afford it and viewed Bosch as the next best thing (German engineered not manufactured).

I have read plenty of negative comments on the appliance forum regarding Miele appliances (kitchen in particular) although I do own an S7 Marin (Swing) which I like very much, I have no interest in owning a BMW, Mercedes or Porsche at this time. I do own some Wusthof knives - yes they are nice, no grandfather clock and I really love my Nespresso machine (not the Miele version but maybe someday).

I hope this clears up any confusion you had regarding my previous post.

My friend's brother just got the Mieles after owning Maytag. I asked him today how he liked them. He said, "the clothes are clean". Not very helpful ...

PS. If I get the Mieles and I don't like them - I'm coming after you ;)

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Not "coo coo" I can assure you :) It just seems when ever someone seems anti-German, or puts down or is leary of a German product....many (uhhh, most!) times it is German resentment of what happened many, many decades ago! I am very happy this does not apply to you! Cheers/Prost!

Yes, you can come after me, if you do not love your Mieles!! LOL In all honesty, and since over the years I have owned and tried Frigidaire, Electrlox and Samsung...Nothing compares to the build quality, reliability, customer service or owner satisfaction as with Miele!

I owned a Thermador Rangetop for 3.5 years...and it was flawless (but then again, Thermador is owned and operated by a German Company...LOL he he he he). I kid, I kid!

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