Where to install wall unit?

davestexasJune 16, 2011

Bought 8k BTU unit for garage. Now I'm asking for advice on where to install it. Garage is 25'(North/South)x 10'(East/West)by Compass. East wall is exterior wall. I think this wall is where it should go, but because of HOA constraints the unit can not be viewable when driving by house. I have a 60" privacy fence that hides the North 20' of that wall, so that should work to hide the unit....assuming mounting under 60" is ok?? If so, in the middle of the 25' wall or favor one way or the other?

(Only other exterior wall is the North wall and it is one end of the 25' garage length. Only 7' available due to Water heater closet and those 7' have electrical service and plumbing in them)

Really considered a mini-split, but too expensive for my purpose and I can't see any payback for the expense.


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