Proper Air Handler match for Trane Heat Pump System

echobm84June 16, 2011

I had two new Trane heat pump systems installed in December 2010 right before Christmas.

1st Floor: Trane XL 15i, 4TWX5042A1000A heat pump

(14.25 SEER/11.9 EER/8.6 HSPF)

Trane 4TEE3F40B1000A variable speed air handler

2nd Floor: Trane XL 15i, 4TWX5030A1000A heat pump

(16.0 SEER/13.0 EER/9.0 HSPF)

Trane 4TEE3F40B1000A variable speed air handler

Original proposal was to put in a Trane 4TEE3F07A1000A air handler for the first floor such that the match would provide a (15.25 SEER/12.5 EER/8.5 HSPF) in order to qualify for the BGE $400.0 rebate. When the first floor system was installed they realized after the air handler was put in that they had incorrectly installed the one intended for the 2nd floor, the 4TEE3F40B1000A, instead of the 4TEE3F07A1000A. They were intending to rip out the air handler and put in the proper one. But after talking with their Trane supplier, the HVAC company reps and the HVAC technicians onsite they assured me that the match was still proper and would qualify for the rebate and that I would still have a properly matched system that would be the same efficiency or provide the proper cooling and heating for the first floor as calculated. I had asked for the new SEER/EER/HSPF info for the 1st floor system before final payment and he had listed it as 15.25 SEER/12.5 EER/8.5 HSPF) in the new proposal with a $200 deduction for the different air handler. Now BGE has informed them that only the 2nd floor system qualifies for the rebate. My contact says that the 1st floor matched system is actually a (14.25 SEER/11.9 EER/8.6 HSPF). They will reimburse me for the $400.0 rebate, but I want to know if the system I have installed for the 1st floor is still adequate now. Should I demand to have the 4TEE3F07A1000A installed or is the other air handler ok. Instead of at least a 15 SEER system I guess I have a 14 SEER system now and I believe that I will be paying more for cooling but it appears that my heating output is better if I understand the numbers correctly. I live in Maryland. Thanks for your help.

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your 3rd party contact is telling you correct.

while the 3F40B VS air handler is an AHRI approved match, that is not the best choice.

1384601 Active Systems XL15I WEATHERTRON TRANE 4TWX5042A1 4TEE3F40B1 43000 11.90 14.25 43000 8.60 28200

here is a list of better air handler choices.

4385470 Active Systems XL15I WEATHERTRON TRANE 4TWX5042A1 *AM7A0C48H41 44000 12.50 15.25 43000 9.20 27400

1382172 Active Systems XL15I WEATHERTRON TRANE 4TWX5042A1 4TEE3F65B1 42500 12.50 15.00 42000 9.00 27200

I like either of these two choices over the 3F07A because of the higher HSPF heating efficiency which would be a plus for a Md location.


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What would be a proper Trane Hyperion air handler match for the XL15I WEATHERTRON TRANE 4TWX5036A1 (3 TON)? Should I be worried if my contractor matched it up with TAM7A0B30?

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The TAM7A0B30H21 is an approved match as is the TAM7A0C36H31. With either air handler the airflow must be set to properly match the outdoor unit's capacity. The 030 is more narrow, so perhaps it was used due to space constraints.

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