patty_cakesOctober 5, 2011

Does anyone have those little 'dimples' on their upper arms~~I will *not* say the 'C' word! Can you get rid of it/them? I used to work out like a maniac and had great 'sculpted' arms, but 3 years after I stopped I began getting 'dimples', now I seem to be stuck with them. Would massage or wrapping(body wrap)help, or is it a cadio 'issue'?

I've been skinny my whole life and have put on a few pounds, but at 113 lbs/5'1" certainly would never consider myself fat, yet I *have* fat. Help!!

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If you are over 40 the dimples are probally due more to muscle loss rather than wait gain. So weight training would probally help more than cardio. Also muscle helps burn fat that is why many women over 40 begin to gain weight because we loss the fat burning muscle we use to have. Good luck and 113 at 5'1'' is a fine BMI i am sure some arm exercise with weights will help the dimples:)

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Now i'm really feeling horrible being the only one with this problem. ;o(

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Remember...a subtle but important point here on the "weight" issue...

A dice-sized piece of MUSCLE weighs THREE TIMES more than the same sized piece of body fat.
Realize that if you start building MUSCLE, and losing fat VOLUME, you may actually GAIN weight!!

Which of course is a GOOD THING in this scenario!!


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Thanks Faron, I know all that, but having worked out for years I just can't seem to get into it anymore. It's attributed to sheer laziness. Off in the distance I can hear the gym calling my name. ;o)

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Exercise doesn't have to be an all or nothing proposition, and you don't have to go to the gym to do it. Start with doing a few push ups every couple of days. Try to do a few more each time.

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roarah: has a good point. You can't stop. There was the other thread about the " c" word. I stressed there too...if you stop you will have one H#$% of a time getting it back. If you don't want to go to the gym then volunteer to clear trails in your area state park or work in a communal garden plot or do your lawn care by hand and several other elderly neighbor's yards...you gotta do something to keep the "dimples" at bay. It takes way more than it did a year ago...and guess what next year brings...??? c

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I know I don't need to dedicate my life to it, but it does take a lot of effort and you *do* need to keep it up. I use my arms a lot, and even told the bagger at the grocery store to 'pack 'em heavy' cause if you don't use it you will lose it! Knowing all this still doesn't give me the kick in the a** I need to get started and not stop!

I'll be 70 next year, but don't feel it, and have been told I sure don't look it, and want to stay it some form of 'reasonable shape'.

Trailrunner, I have a dog, so clear the back yard and do my own weeding, just not the mowing, although I know I could. I think my exercise needs to be strenuous to really be effective, or am I wrong?

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patty: 70 !! WOW...you are awesome !! Get the hand weights and look up some of the links for arm workouts. I am IMPRESSED that you are doing what you are doing. You are my idol :) I hope I am interested in my upper arms when I am 70...9 years from now.

You really do have to do specific free weights to get what you want. Good Luck and post back after one month . ((())) to you ! c

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Awwww thank you, trailrunner. I'm still vain enough that I *want* to look good......and look at 45 year old men and occasionally have one turn back to look back at me, or ask me out! ;o)

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I think my exercise needs to be strenuous to really be effective, or am I wrong?

I used to be a workout fanatic. Then life got in the way ;) Anyway, I recently joined the health club again and it feels sooo good! But one thing I noted was some changes in prior way of thinking, particularly about cardio. The gym I go to is owned/operated by a local hospital, overall health is heavily emphasized. One of the staff trainers was telling me that the old rule of 30 consecutive minutes minimum of cardio to get benefit no longer applies. You can break it up, e.g. 3 ten minute increments over the day and still get the benefit. Maybe a couple short walks with the dog (or without) and put some small free weights in your hands or on your wrists and do the arm pumping motion while you walk? Or a good DVD that focuses on certain body parts in 10 minute increments a day? Do 10 minutes 5 days a week, that's 200 minutes in a month that otherwise wouldn't be done. It adds up! :)

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Patty maybe you could hire a cute 45 year old "puppy boy" to help you weight train!!! ;). I think with the right exercise 70 will be the new 40! Good luck and keep looking ahead!

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Patty C-

I'd look back at you...but since I'm a "devastatingly handsome" 50y/o Guy...would THAT do?!?!?



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