My New German goodies

larsi_gwJanuary 1, 2011

Family arrived from Germany this afternoon, and brought me some fun & exciting wash goodies.

Dash Universal Wash Gel (2 bottles), 3 different Lenor Fabric Softeners and a huge bottle of Persil Gold Color Gel (and the bottle says Made in Germany, not Poland or Russia like some of your Persil Gold bottles say).

German Fabric Softener is so much thinner than American residue left in the FS tray! Also, even though the Dash Wash Gel is P&G...the smell is clean, fresh and wonderful. Nothing fruity or sweet. It is a good mix between Persil and Ariel in terms of smell.

I got the usual European goodies of Chocolate, cookies, cakes..but I'm most excited about the laundry products. I am already on load 2, just to try everything. Yipeeee! :)

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Is Dash made by P&G Larsi? It certainly doesnt take much to entertain you does it? LOL I got my new Wave Force washer and dryer today, so I will be testing it out here shortly. It is running a clean cycle now and I will do a full follow up tomorrow on it.

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Dash is made by P&G Europe! The bottle says Made in Germany. While I find a lot of American P&G products to overwhelmingly fragranced (or just overpowering)...Dash smells clean and old fashioned. Maybe not as old school of a smell as Persil, but along those lines.

Congrats on the new Wave Force set. We want to see pictures!!! Cannot wait to hear how you like it. New appliances are SO much fun!!!! :)

And, yes I (sadly) entertain easily LOL

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Oooo Larsi, Holiday envy :)

Just to clarify, my "Polish" Persil doesn't say made in Poland. It's made by Henkel Germany but for distribution in Poland, Russian, Bulgaria, etc ... It does not have any German on the package (or English) that I can tell??

Henkel Germany told me it's made for Poland and other European countries. It is a different formulation than that used for Germany. He said, "cheaper" version but I really like it. Of course, I like that it has a very mild scent but also seems to clean well and rinses very clean.

The Persil Gold bottle in your image is not shown on the German site - perhaps their site is not up to date?

Gates1, I am eagerly awaiting your update on the Waveforce. My Mom is looking into new machines and she is curious about these TL HE ones. I am a FL girl all the way.
What did you own previously?

Larsi, Happy New Year and Happy Laundering!

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Happy New Year, Livebetter!

Hmm, wonder why the Persil Gold is not on the website. It says Made in Germany on the bottle, and the entire bottle is auf Deutsch...No English/French/Italian, etc...

I think Persil smells a tad better, but Dash smells clean. I did 2 loads with Dash, and the clothes look and smell great, but for some reason my stainless wash drum in my Miele looks murky & coated. The ingredients on the Persil and the Dash are very similar, and both have Phosphates. Don'd know why the Dash made the stainless look murky, almost greasy looking. Persil and Ariel (both made and purchased in Germany) leave my Stainless spotless!!

I hope I can use the smells great, clothes looked amazing and I have what looks to be like 10 liters :)

Still really think Vaska Herbatergent is great, especially for towels and sheets. In fact, I think I will always use it for my towels and sheets. Perfection. Great on clothes too, but my son had some red clay on his school pants, and the Vaska did not remove it. Made it a lot better, but still there. Clorox Green Works, Persil or Ariel take red clay away quickly.

Again, Happy New Year!


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Nice stash of detergent... where are the pics of the cakes and cookies? :)

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So, I've done 3 more loads with the new German Dash liquid detergent with some new Lenor Fabric Softener...and my stainless steel drum in my W4842 is shiny and gleaming.

The only thing I did different the first time around was I used the Heavy Soil (pre-wash) option. That's when the drum looked murky/coated/oily after the load was done.

The loads after that were just either Custom Cycle, Warm or Wrinkle Free, Warm. Same amount of Dash and Lenor FS...and the Miele drum is shiny and looks polished (just like with Persil or Vaska). Odd!

I really like the smell and performace of the Dash detergent, but I still think Persil is best!!!

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Share? ;)

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@451...if you lived close to me in CA, I would for sure share!! Sharing is fun :)

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