Katieob - QUESTION about your kitchen

tinker_2006January 29, 2011

Just browsing the forum today, while still in the planning stage. Saw your kitchen (again) and it's BEAUTIFUL. I'm going with inset cabinetry, but can't decide on the beaded inset vs. the plain one. Are yours beaded or not?

Also, can you tell me about your range hood!

Thank you!

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Hi Tinker~

Thanks very much!
Our cabinets have a single bead on the recessed part. The top drawers are all slab inset and I like that look, as well. What helped me was to go to Crown Point's website (my cabs are local custom) and look at the inset slab doors (also look at Erikanh's kitchen for this) and the beaded inset (look at JBrodie's kitchen for this). The pics of their door styles are large and clear & helpful.

The hood is ModernAire PS26 or PS29 with polished bands, rivets & a pot rail. My contact person there was Pat Hartman.

Hope this helps!

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Thanks Katie!

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I'm curious how wide each of your wall cabinets are? They look like they are at least 18" wide, or 36" wide for a double door cabinet. I'm trying to figure out the best proportions for my wall cabinets. Any advise? Hope you love your new, new kitchen!

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Do you, by chance, have more photos of your kitchen posted somewhere? I have seen the one of your "in construction" kitchen when I was doing a search for marble and the one angle with the wall oven but I'd love to see more of it and see the details. I can't seem to find any more! Thank you!

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Dear babs,

You can see more of Katieob's kitchen (now, I believe, her former kitchen) at her account:

Here is a link that might be useful: Katieob's kitchen and house photos

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Thank you so much!!

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