Kraftmaid pantry

rosieqJanuary 27, 2008

Does anyone have any experience with this pantry? Is it a good use of space? I am redoing our kitchen and want to add a pantry. Kraftmaid is the cabinets we are using

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Can you post a picture of the pantry you are referring to?


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We just put in a Kraftmaid kitchen (new construction). Kitchen is Hickory Honey spice, cathedral doors raise panels. Looks awesome. Went with the all plywood construction with furniture ends which I highly recommend.... Anyways.....

We looked into the various pantry offerings from Kraftmaid and it seems most of them are 24" deep. Its ok if you have limited space and can get the deluxe pull out trays for the food. The issue with 24" deep pantries is that the food in the back gets lost back there if they are just on shelves. Pull out trays help a lot. There is a 18" deep Kraftmaid pantry and you can also get a 18" to 24" Z shaped base that will integrate it to a typical 24" deep base counter.

We didn't like any of the 18" or 24" deep options and instead went with a 2x4 stud wall framed pantry with a 30" wide door that is then drywall/textured with 13" deep wood shelves inside. Its about 4 feet wide and 26" deep to line up with the countertops that butt into the side. The pantry looks really nice and its very functional. Light + switch on the inside and the shelf depth makes sure that food does not disappear into the back nether regions. Finally a pantry that holds a good amount of food. Open one door and we can see everything.

Good luck with your decision!

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I don't have a picture of the pantry. Sorry. It can be seen at the Kraftmaid website.
Thanks Netnerdvana for the advice about the pantry you made.

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I have the Kraftmaid 36" combination pantry. It's perfect for our kitchen. On the left side, I have my broom, mop, mopheads, stepladder, and fire extinguisher. I also had my contractor put in an outlet in the back, for my dustbuster, which is also kept in there. On the right side, I added 3 pullout shelves, and kept the top two stationary.

The uppermost shelves are used for staples like paper towels, plastic utensils, light bulbs, etc., as well as party trays, and other lesser used items. We are a family of 4, and ours is a small, galley kitchen. Because our kitchen is so small, the 24" depth was necessary, and the pullouts are very handy (got them on ebay for 1/2 the price of what they were at Lowe's or HomeDepot). The pantry serves us serves us very well. HTH.

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