Anyone purchase a Speed Queen in the last couple of months?

pupwhippedJanuary 22, 2012

Screw it, I think I'm going to buy a Speed Queen....see my current post/plea, "WWYD? Haven't bought a W/D since 1987!"

Has anyone bought a Speed Queen in the last couple of months or so? Have there been any changes to newer models that might make them not as good as older models? I've done a "little" bit of research and I see something about extra large water levels not being large at all, and rinsing of the clothes not being a true rinse as in the past. I guess what I'm saying is that it seems that goverment regulations have gotten to the Speed Queen brand, as well.

Anyway, probably don't know what I am talking about, but if anyone has purchased a newer model Speed Queen, could you kindly comment on your experience with it?

Thank you very much. Oh, and I'm still amazed that I have to ask total strangers to hold my hand as I try to make an appliance purchase. LOL!!!


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While I was searching for a replacement washer, I visited a
small appliance store.
He sold Speed Queens, I almost bought one, but the owner
told me the new models had to meet the govt. specs and the water temp is regulated now. You won't get hot water washes with the new units.
He did say they are still built solidly if that helps.
I don't recall him mentioning the water levels being regulated.

Hope this helps some.

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Bookert, thank you very much. I was afraid of that. I'm thinking HOT water is very important to me. I know it's not important to everyone. Heck, even my 85 year old MIL said to me, "you don't need hot water, that's what the soap is for." To each his own!

Thank you for replying to me. I appreciate it!


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I read about the reduced water level, too. It's like: Extra Large is now Large, Large is what used to be Medium and so on... It's certainly not only SpeedQueen. Some top loaders will only fill to the lowest level for the rinse and then agitate (shred?) the load in this small amount of water*. You can bump up the water level, however. There are instructions on how to do it on the other forum (link below - you might have to do a search). Some commercial SpeedQueens come with an EnergySaver feature that drains only half the wash water and then refills for the "rinse". Don't know about the domestic units.

*) Look for Roper Rinse Rash on the forum I am linking you to to see pictures of that insanety.

Here is a link that might be useful: - Deluxe

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Whirlpool Trainee, this is scary, truly scary. Or at the very least, itchy.

I talked to a guy at the store that sells Speed Queen....this place is an hour drive from me. On the phone I think the only thing I asked him about was if I could truly get hot water on the SQ, not just set it on hot and then it mixes both hot and cold water...and then I have warm, not hot. He said he was not aware of any changes in that area. I truly think he doesn't know and is just trying to sell a product.

That video you directed me to has made me itch just watching it. I'm not overly sensitive (although I CANNOT use Tide detergent...its too strong for me), but I am guilty of adding probably too much detergent in every load. Can't even imagine how that would go with that extremely low rinse water level. Horrors! Itchy Horrors!!!

Oh, I so wish someone who has just bought a SQ would respond to some of these concerns. I poked around a tiny bit on the site your link was on and I think I saw someone who had just bought a SQ washer and dryer. He was annoyed as the company had delivered the wrong dryer to him. Maybe I will do a shout out to him.

Thank you for your time!!!

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I read a post in some forum that said Speed Queen will let you know how to change the water level in their machines--implying it is an easy do-it-yourself job. Maybe your dealer knows how too. That won't help the hot water situation but there are a lot of posts about connecting y adapters to the inlet hoses with backup preventers that let you add hot water to the cold inlet if you want too. Many ways to skin a cat.

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I bought a set for our Christmas present. Yes, the washer does not fill all of the way but it has a reset knob that lets you put more in. I was looking at the Sears sale paper a few weeks ago and a comparable Kenmore set was only $250 less. I like the washer. It seems to have more room inside because the agitator is smaller.

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Nerdyshopper, thank you. At least I will know that if I get the Speed Queen I can "redesign" it a bit.

And now Elbits, a real live owner. YAY! You said you like the washer....are you saying you like the SQ, or you like the look of the comparable Kenmore? I haven't even looked at Sears recently. Our store is not that large and most times I just haven't seen anything I like. Can you tell me which model SQ you bought? Is is cleaning well for you? Anything about it that you do not like?

Thanks to everyone for your replies. I AM driving today to the store to look at the Speed Queens.


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Here's a good one:

Here is a link that might be useful: Inside the Speed Queen Control Panel...

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And for more, browse the Deluxe archives for "Speed Queen". Don't think there's much in [2012] but there should be a lot of information in [2010] and even [2009]. Use your Google toolbar or just hit Ctrl and f on your keyboard to look for Speed Queen.


Here is a link that might be useful: Archives

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I am not worried about how the outside looks. I am concerned about the inside. I bought the AWN412 washer and ADE3LR dryer. I wish it did fill to the top but you can Google info on how to fix that. It is a screw you can turn. The dryer seems to be smaller than my old Kenmore and I miss the horizontal door. Now I sometimes drop things on the floor.
Would I buy another SQ? Yes.

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Forgot to add:you can go to Youtube and type in 'Speed Queen'. A bunch of videos pop up and you can watch the wash action.

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Thank you very much, Elbits. You and I sound alike. I have a very old Kenmore (1987) and I really wanted to get another dryer like it with the horizontal door. I know I will miss it, too. But, I think being satisfied with the washer is more important and that's why I am going with a SQ. I went and looked at them yesterday. They are the same models you have. I will likely purchase tomorrow or Friday....just trying to get the best price.

Thanks again, and thanks to everyone else, as well


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Do you need the new dryer too? My experience with dryers has been that they are easy to maintain and rarely wear out. I have replaced bushings, idler wheels, drive belts, even installed a furnace solenoid on my first Hotpoint when the heater contacts got so hot they wouldn't make contact inside the timer. I got some needle nose pliers and bent them and put a dab of epoxy behind one and it could carry the minimal current needed for the solenoid primary. -- and I am just a do-it yourself freak. From what I have read here recently, the mfgrs are jacking up the price on the matching dryers to cover sales of the washer because they know how much the buyer wants a nice matching pair.

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Yeah, I get the "matching pair" thing.....cause I'm a big ole matchy poo person. LOL! But, it seems hubby is, too. Who knew? I said to him, trying to be more practical and not so matchy, "Well, maybe we could get the SQ washer and then a Whirlpool dryer that has the pull down/horizontal door that I so love. He said, "Nay...they need to match." Matching it is.

And more to your question, yes, I need both the washer and the dryer. My story is crazy, so I won't go into it here, or yet again, but yes, I will be buying both.


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I bought the SQ front load matching pair a few months ago. A few things:

1) The washer water level that comes from the factory is quite adequate in my opinion. Mine has an additional rinse switch I can preset, if I need additional rinsing.

2) I have seen videos folks have made, that bring the wash water levels up to the window level! (suds and all) So the adjustment capabilities are there, if you have the know how and the desire.

3) The washer (and dryer) are really stout (as we say down south). The washer, in particular weighs at least 100 lbs more than most other front load washers. I seriously doubt that I will break anything internally in it.

4) If you have some serious change in your pockets, SQ sells a stainless steel front load matching pair. Really nice looking. Worth considering since this may be the last pair you will ever buy.

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Well, I did it. Bought a SQ topload washer and matching dryer today. I believe they will be delivered on Monday. Thanks to everyone for your responses. After a bit of use, I will report back on how I like my new purchase.


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Pup, which washer did you purchase?

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Elbits, the two different stores I called in my area only carried one washer model and one dryer model. Anything else was special order and I wasn't up for that. I got the AWN432 washer, and the ADE3LR dryer. They were delivered today and look good!


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Please let us know if you like them. I have a 1988 Kenmore dryer which still works,but I need to know what I'm going to by when it gives up. I think I may also go for a Speed Queen top load washer. Thanks.

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Well Pup, how do you like your new American made Speed Queens? I love my washer but not crazy about the dryer.

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This is weird, I know, but I've only done one load so far and it went well. But my husband and I are interested in adjusting the water level. It's just not as high as what I am used to. Go ahead, call me water hog. HA! We are researching how to do this right now as I type...I just showed hubby the link above that Whirlpool Trainee had given me.

Elbits, I liked the dryer, although it kinda has a metal smell that I guess will go away with time. It dried these clothes very fast to me. Yeah, the side open door is not my fav, but I guess I will have to get used to it.

Will report back later when I have a few more loads under my belt.


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If the machine is washing & rinsing nicely, then why do you feel a need to adjust the water level? Let it go as-is for a while to check if the performance is consistent/acceptable over various loads for a period of time ... then do the tweak if it proves necessary.

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I'd be interested in how you feel about how gentle it is to your clothes. The speed Queen is about the same price as the Maytag Bravos I'm looking at and the Whirlpool Cabrio. But it has am agitator that looks weird and I'm worried about my clothes if i get it. I know it will get clothes clean- but I don't get things filthy- but I do clothes that are not heavy duty hearty clothes. I live in Florida so they are mainly lightweight and i have a lot of delicates.

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Pupwhipped, which Speed Queen did you get? How does it take care of yoru clothes. Is it gentle enough? thanks. I'm not sure which one to get.

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Just got some SQ top loaders. What a fantastic machine AWN542...had Kenmore HE3t for 7 years ...had to replace the pump 2 years ago and it was going out rid of them

these SQ's are great machines

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I purchased a Speed Queen set 6 months ago based on all of the positive posts and comments I read, plus what dealers said. I love the simplicity of it, love the ability to use hot water and the level of water I want, but I have had a scum build up at the water line that needs to be washed off regularly to keep the stainless steel tub shiny. I have a water softener so should have no mineral problems. I have tried several detergents. Has anyone else had this problem? I have written to the company and they have been of no help, just said to wash off the scum. I don't think that is right. Help!

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I just stumbled upon this forum and am sorry for the fairly late response.

I assume you are talking about a top load washer although not specifically indicated.

In regards to scum build up at the waterline, certain clays are very difficult to release and suspend in water, regardless of the soap used.

Just a few questions that could be helpful
-Are you on well or municipal water?
-although you have soft water in the household, are you certain the laundry is on the system? For instance, I have soft water at home, but my refrigerator is tied to the hard water system for taste reasons.
-Are you or your spouse involved in construction?
-Are you in an area with known heavy sulfite levels in your water? A water softener can be very effective for sulphates, but I think sulfites could be a bit different.
-is the scum an occasional issue or something that is always there?

Although my forte is large commercial front load washers where scum line deposits is not an issue, I am curious about this scum you describe. As for my background, I have 24 years of laundry product design, all at Alliance. And on behalf of Alliance Laundry, thank you for your purchase of a Speed Queen washer and dryer.


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Try using a powdered detergent instead of a liquid one. I'm willing to bet that the soap scum line will disappear.

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