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switzergeJune 20, 2011

Hi all,

I could really use some assistance in dealing with HSA, our home warrenty company. We purchased our house almost a year ago, and just a couple of weeks ago the compressor on the AC went when we tried to start it up for the first time of the summer.

We had already scheduled a company that we really like and have worked with in the past to replace it when we realized that it might be under warrenty. We had the work done by our company -- new RUUD compressor and coil and some updates to the duct work to fit them in -- for $3,500. Our company called the home warrenty company and told them that the replacement cost for the 3 ton Lennox that we had would have been $2,400.

The home warrenty company originally offered a total of $380 in reimbursement and then went up to just over $600 when I complained. I called and asked for the parts/labor breakdown and the home warrenty company is claiming that they can get the 3 ton Lennox replacement for $285. Three of their employees have now given me this long speech about how they buy these compressors by the truckload so get a huge discount. The company we used to do the work said that they couldn't believe that HSA could get a 3 ton Lennox for under $600 even at cost.

Can somone help -- are we just going to have to bite the bullet?


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It appears that you did not fulfill the contract requirements. They probably don't have to give you a nickel. You are at their mercy. YOu only have two choices accept, or continue to pressure them.

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I don't have a home warranty, but I have read stories like yours on other forums. It seems home warranty companies find ways not to pay out, or if they do make a repair they will contract out to the lowest possible price often resulting in a bad experience for the homeowner.

You are fortunate the company is offering $600. Put the money towards a properly done repair. I also suggest canceling the home warranty and banking the premiums.

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