Pull-out work surface and pedestal for stacking WD?

yeboJanuary 15, 2012

I have run across these items on AJMadison, etc., and they seem very useful (stacking WD will be in a hallway where no surface it) but very expensive.

1) There's a posting here from handymanhusband about making a pullout work surface; he says he'll send photos but there is no email address. Any links to such a project?

2. Asko has a "hidden helper" pullout laundry drawer; looks very useful - costs $500 and isn't on eBay. Experience with it?

3. Pedestal - is it really useful? Can you use one brand's pedestal for another brand's WD?

Thank you.

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Pedestal is likely to make the stacked washer/dryer too high (depending on how tall you are, you may have a problem reaching the dryer controls and getting to the back of the drum). Also not sure how stable a stacked washer and dryer would be on a pedestal.

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I got a wall mounted pull down small sized ironing board for a work surface. It is easy to fold up and works great. it is smaller than full sized. I don't iron, but use it to pretreat etc. About $30 and on line site to store with walmart, I think.

Have pedestals, not happy with the noise they amplify from the front load washer. Had to spend $40 on rubber anti vibration feet at HD to help with the noise. They don't hold the size detergent etc I use, unless I lay the detergent sizeways which would be messy.
Never done stacking machines- CAN'T help you there.

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