To glaze or not to glaze - my cabinets (and white or cream?)

rebeccamomof123January 12, 2013

I think I'm going with KraftMaid cabinetry in either canvas or white. I was thinking of going with a cocoa glaze to help blend chips when they happen. I have three kids and although I'm clean in my kitchen, I'm not perfect. I currenty have knotty pine cabinets that we painted 8 years ago and they are badly chipped - but I know pine is a soft wood and maple will hopefully hold paint better. Also, any suggestions on cream versus white? I like the look of white best but wonder if it's a bit too sterile/cheap looking?

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My cabinets are creamy white (BM Cloud White). It reads white to me, but there's definitely a creamy element, not crisp white. People seems to prefer one over the other. I wanted light and bright, but not too cold or severe. Your lighting and other elements you choose should help you decide. Samples (the larger the better) in your space are very important. I wrestled with the color I chose and one very similar (but lighter/brighter) for weeks before I made the decision. I had old cabinet doors painted and pondered them throughout the day and night. Honestly, I think I would have also been happy with the color I didn't choose (BM Simply White).

I think the general consensus is that glazing white cabinets is not only a dated look but can actually give the cabinets a grungy look, which you are trying to avoid. My cabinets have a hard finish and are easy to keep clean and so far haven't chipped or look any the worse for wear (one year old).

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White or cream. It's a matter of preference. When you pick one, it will then direct you to what granite and backsplash. to choose
I have Dura Supreme cabinets in Dove White for four years now. It is a very good quality cabinet and I have had very little problems with chipping. Understand too that you will sometimes see seams as they expand and contract. But, you have to look very closely to see these.
I think with a white kitchen, or any for that matter, a quality kitchen does not look cheap.
I also don't think you can compare your painted kitchen with a factory finished one.
White is still by far the most popular here on GW. That said, there are many other kitchen here that are equally as stunning.
Maybe I am wrong here so hopefully other will weigh in but I think that a lesser quality wood kitchen would probably look better than the lesser quality white kitchen. Because it is true, I have seen some cheap looking white kitchens.

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Hi Rebeccamom--this question comes up quite a bit here. I posted some info and links to past threads last week when the question was raised again. In case you're up for some light (ha!) reading, I'll link the thread from last week so you can read it and many others.

Bottom line is its your choice, of course, but many see painted white cabs with glaze as dated and dirty. I was afraid of stark white also. Instead my unglazed cabs read as clean, simple, and elegant. So glad I didn't glaze!

Here is a link that might be useful: Recent thread

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My only advice is to think ahead if you will have other whites in your kitchen, especially the trim. Trying to match whites is the path to insanity, lol, but it's good to make sure everything is complementary before you start (i.e. have either warm or cool tones but not both). I have off-white cabinets, white tile, and white trim, all of which are different shades; but it looks fine together, at least to me. (The trim molding attached to the cabinets is the same color as the cabinets.) So whether you use white or cream-colored cabinets, think a bit about your countertop and backsplash and paint first to be sure you'll be happy with the direction it's all going. Otherwise white vs cream is just personal opinion.

I am very happy with the off-white cabinet color in our kitchen; it's not as far from white as "cream" but it still fits with the rest of our warm-toned interior. I am not a big fan of glazing but again, that's just my opinion (it wasn't an option with my cabinets anyway so I can't say I have thought much about it).

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Hi Rebeccamom123,

I posted pics in your other thread regarding the Canvas w/ cocoa glaze. HTH.

All personal preference of course, but I think the Canvas (no glaze) looks great. Another of the Big Box stores in town has a display in the Dove white which looks much brighter (cooler) in person than the Canvas.

I'll be hitting that store tomorrow. I can take pics in post in your other thread if you like (just to keep comparison pics in one place).


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You also have to consider how much light you get n your kitchen. For example, the Dove White looks so much whiter in my kitchen than in the showroom. And the showroom is a small local run business and did have windows.

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Ellendi- Could you post a photo of your Dura Supreme white kitchen?
I am considering Dura Supreme white shaker cabinets in a not bright white vs a local custom cabinet maker who my contractor likes to work with. The pricing is pretty competitive for the custom (all wood boxes, any shaker style, pullouts all included, etc.), but my main concern is the quality of the finish.
I have two active boys and I am wondering if the factory finish (they called it a clear coat) really helps protect the white cabinet better. I live in California, where the local cabinet makers can't put that kind of a finish due to environmental laws.
I don't want to go custom local if my cabs are going to look thrashed in 2-3 years.
Any advice on this would be most appreciated!

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Jam, my cabinets are painted BM Dove White

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Thank you!
Do you like the way they are wearing? Did you purchase the plywood boxes or the particle board? I've only gotten a quote for the particle board so far.

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Our KD has a small showroom in town. It is the only cabinets she uses. I can ask my husband if he remembers what was used, but I don't think we had a choice .
My husband is good with construction. He liked the way they are built. When you open the drawer is is evident that they are really good quality.
I would recommend them highly.

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Thanks very much!

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