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montelJanuary 8, 2014

I am researching a future purchase of a top load HE washer.

We need a good machine with good long term reliability that is also a low water user (we are in a very bad drought right now).

We are looking for a top load machine.

Here are the units we will NOT consider.

LG - to many problems with out of balance (currently own the recalled units) and we want to be able to wash water resistant clothes etc...really not satisfied with LG quality at this point.

Samsung - don't like the reports of reliability problems etc...

Fisher & Paykel - Owned one in a past life, and even with Dadoes wonderful help here, we will stay far away from that company's products entirely.

Speed Queen - need low water use
So that leaves us with only a few options it seems, but I want to make sure we aren't missing any choices.

Maytag Bravos XL 4.8 Model # MVWB980BG

or the sister product

Whirlpool Cabrio 4.8. Model: WTW8900BC

Both of these units have very similar features (including an internal heater). And beyond the fact that they are made by the same company - the warranty is almost the same - I don't see much difference. They even cost almost the same. I tend to think the Maytag products used to be better, now I don't know.

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Whirlpool WTW8900BC and Maytag MVWB980BG are the F&P mechanical design ... same drive motor and floating-basket, although they're otherwise built on Whirlpool specifications.

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Thanks for the reply! I know they have the F&P mechanical drive design - the problems we had with F&P seemed more to do with their electronics/computers (ghost in the machine stuff!)...and the valves

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So is there really a difference between the Maytag and the Whirlpool units?

I am leaning towards these units - I would love some other alternative...but I seem to be limited to these as I have eliminated all others!!!!

If you could choose one - which would you choose?

I am leaning towards the Maytag unit.

Oh and the price is identical - and since we are getting $894 back from LG, for our bad washer, I am only going to be out around $200.00 - I am thinking that we will purchase an extended warranty for the unit (10years if possible!) to try to cover any future issues, as the reviews here and elsewhere are either terrible or wonderful for both brands...

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Well, LG has actually updated the suspension on their newest top loaders. They support brakets are metal and four additional shock absorbers were added to the tub. Not trying to make you buy an LG but "just sayin'". I posted a picture of the new sytem here - reply number three.

Samsung will be releasing new top loaders with a didicated Waterproof cycle. But I don't know when they will hit the market. These units were just shown at CES a couple of days ago.

Between the Whirlpool vs Maytag

- Eco Boost vs. Water Save Spray Rinse
- Drum Light button vs. not available
- nothing vs. Power Wash cycle
- Perm Press/Casual vs. not available (maybe the Towels/Colors cycle)
- Towels cycle vs. Towels/Colors cycle
- two-digit display vs. four-digit display

That's about what I can see from looking at the control panel. The Maytag also comes with a longer warranty on the motor and tub (although most washers with this type of motor have the same warranty these days, so it's nothing exceptional in my opinion...). The Whirlpool has the same motor, by the way.

Between the two, I'd probably... go... for... the Maytag.


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Thanks for the great reply - Maytag is where I am leaning as well. Despite my normal avoidance of ext warranties I am going to get one in this case (and we will pray A&E appliance isn't the repair company of choice if we ever need repairs)...

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There really is no good top load HE washer.
Have you watched them on Youtube?

Clothes literally sit in a tiny pool of water and the only things maybe getting clean are the items directly on the impeller.

There is hardly any turnover and forget about washing a huge comforter, it will probably come out dry and dirty as you put it into the machine.

Either go with a old fashioned top load Speed Queen (I know water usage) or a front loader (I know it's not a top loader).
I really don't think you'll be happy with an HE top loader in the long run.

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We switched from a Whirlpool Duet front load machine to a Maytag Bravos XL a year and a half ago and I absolutely love my washing machine! Our clothes are much cleaner now and our towels don't have that musty smell I could never get rid of with the old machine. The only time I have ever had a problem was when my college junior came home and overloaded the washer, some of the stains did not come out. Fortunately, I was there when it was time to switch to the dryer, separated the load and rewashed in two loads.

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Whirlpool's Calypso was an excellent HE toploader in terms of washing performance. Completely different design than the HE units on the market now. Consumers unfortunately for the most part couldn't get a grip on using it correctly, and there were some early mechanical problems (that Whirlpool largely corrected), and they were discontinued around 2006.

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Well, there is turnover in impeller top loaders. It's just very slow, can't argue with that. I always say that traditional top loaders wash like "soak, scrub, soak, scrub, soak, scrub..." while HE top loaders are more like "soooak, scruuuub, soooak, scruuub..."

One can always select a Sheets or Towels or Bulky cycle to turn up the water level. Here are two YouTubers who have videos showing the entire cycle... including turnover.

DeanJB74 has a F&P, which is what the Bravos is based on.
Hugo Fiori has a Vantage.

These videos are long but one can either scroll through them or even download them to play them back at whatever speed. Attached is my favorite video downloader - no add-ons, plug ins or whatever required.


Here is a link that might be useful:

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Maytag MVWB980BG is what we have ordered.

Wish us luck!

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